Enterprise: Babel One Spoilers

When representatives of two warring species come on board a human-commanded vessel to attempt diplomacy, trouble threatens when a powerful, mysterious alien force tries to create war between the two species.

From one to ten, I give “Babel One” a 5.

So it’s Journey to Babel meets Day of the Dove, eh?

Did Hoshi get any lines?

Well, this arc is supposed to have some telepathetic offshoot race of Blue Boys in it.

Unless I’ve got the arcs mixed up.

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Andorians? Bolians? Frost bitten Terrans?

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Forgot to set the VCR

Have to tape it Sunday

Eh, I thought it was good. Nevermind you naysayers. I’ll discuss it in more detail when other people who’ve seen it show up.
Either way, you can expect:

-Hot andorian on andorian action!
-Hate crimes against black officers on the Enterprise!
-Gun fights, holograms and cloaked ships oh my!
-Smug Archer pestering Trip!
-Malcom and T’Pol’s bum have a rematch!
-No telepathic Andorians! Sorry Mr.9x6 year old.

Aes’s birthday is comming up soon too taint it?

Hoshi and Archer sniping at each other----good stuff!

No Phlox yet—bad.

Still no Chef.

That very weird get-up of helmet wires and finger wires—freaky, though I have seen similar before.

Is T’Pol fair game for Reed now?

Tellarites insulting and being insulted–hilarious!

Shran—always cool!

Sorry, not much time, gotta run…I say pretty good but I’m hoping for some stronger fare in part two.

Aes: I gotcha both Joan and ENT.

Now, go check into your own birthday thread so I can be sure you saw it!

I thought this was pretty good overall. There were definitely some weak moments (I hate how starships have shitty internal security; the bluebugs got past that guard way too easy), but the story was interesting and there were more good scenes than bad.

Plus the ending was pretty killer. Way to mess with our minds about continuity and then pull the rug out from under us. I’m smiling even now as I think about it.

I do have a rather detailed nitpick which I am still considering and will be back with.

I saw the thread, I’m just staying out of it until Sunday. Bad luck, or something. Thank you though. ;j

And where’s cplant? Did he drink some ortho 'cause we’ve started the past two threads and not him?

He’s celebrating the Chinese new year.

I’ll have to watch the repeat Sunday, 'cause I went out and partied without setting up the VCR again. Guess it’s time to switch to DVR and leave it preprogrammed.

My one nitpick. There has to be huge nubers of Andorian starships. How is it that the Enterprise keeps running accross Shran? I loved the opening scene when Archer and Hoshi is going at it. I just knew they were going to catch the Romulans then turn on T’Pol. Speaking of which, T’Pol has to know that the Romulans are related to the Vulcans right? Btw, anyone think that the imaging system is a precurser to the cloaking device?

My thoughts on why there trying to start a war:

Creating a war is sure to divert Star Fleet attention away from Vulcan, meanwhile the Vulcans would mass along Andorian Border to make sure the war doesn’t spill over into their space. Meanwhile the Romulans can attack Vulcan. Seems a particular Romulan way of doing things.

That’s what I thought, too.

Of course, it’s all moot since the show’s death is looming on the horizon.

According to recent stories, the season ender will feature

Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis as Riker and Troi.

Will it help? Let’s hope so.

This show featured another Trek cliche that’s starting to mildly irritate me. We always see humans learning about alien cultures, so as to adapt to their sensibilities. Why don’t we ever see aliens learning about us to make us happy? The Tellarites were going to be guests on a human ship - why not a shot of one of them saying, “OK, the humans don’t go for this whole ‘wildly insult everything you see’ thing we do. For some reason, they actually seem to like it when you compliment them.”?

Also, the running out of air thing was done oddly. “You have 8 minutes of air left” ::Starts gasping desperately:: “I said 8 minutes, not 8 seconds.” Repeat the scene again later, replacing 8 with 24.

They did that to an extent though, Smeg. The Tellarite ambassador said, that he would have liked to have tried their food even though Chef went through the trouble of making Tellarite stuff.

Then again, that could have just been the customary rudeness.

Well, I have been -savoring- the treat of seeing not one but -four- Tellarites in this episode! Add to that the appearance of Shran, well … there’s not much more that could make me happy with Enterprise. I could see it coming, though, that another race was responsible for the attacks on both Andorian and Tellarite vessels; I did not see the twist (although my daughter claims that she saw that coming too!), so that was a nice surprise as well.

Poor Porthos! I surely hope that he does not get seen by any of the Tellarites! :eek:

I love the way the Andorian antennae wriggle! As much as I loved the TOS show, I’m so glad that there have been so many technological advances, especially with make-up and such for the “alien” races.

I am looking forward to watching Part II, and since Joan of Arcadia isn’t on next Friday, I can watch Enterprise then. :slight_smile:

That would have made for some great comedy-Archer insulting the Tellerite who remains polite and keeps complementing him.
“You people are even uglier that I remembered.”
“What a lovely shade your uniform is, Captain.”
“Your Mother dresses you funny.”
“It matches your eyes.”
I was wondering how they were going to hide the Romulans from Trip and Reed until the RC thing came out.

The Canadian satellite feed is scrambled, so I don’t see the show early. And those damn commercials! The stupid UPN logo. How can you stand it?

To be fair, the Tellarite Ambassador extended his hand in the human shake-hands greeting, which seemed to surprise Archer.

Tellerites are sexy!

The food on the table harkens back to the TOS episode with the gaily coloured 60s style psychodelic day-glo foods. :slight_smile:
Andorian animated antennae are the best Trek additions since ridged brows. Even their gums are blue. If they could make their bloodshot eyes blue, that would be slick.

As for the nit about constantly running into Shran, he made mention of it in the ep. I guess if two people go to enough of the same places, they’re bound to run into each other. Like me and Tammy. Go figure.