Star Trek Strange New Worlds trailer and now begins Streaming 2022/05/09

Finally the teaser trailer drops and frankly, I am excited.
Pike was the best thing about ST Discovery and am looking forward to seeing Anson Mount again.
Please don’t screw this up

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1 Teaser | Rotten Tomatoes TV - YouTube

Why do they need windmills in a future where they have apparently limitless energy?


Pike is a bit of an old fashioned type.

I watched an infomercial on it, and I am cautiously optimistic.

Those are for controlling the bird population.

They are using limitless energy to blow a refreshing breeze in the country side with a giant fan.

The windmills create the limitless energy!

Only 10 eps. Gimme back my non-serialized Trek! I’ve got plenty of serialized!

Picard season two is off to a pretty good start, Lower Decks will be back this summer, and now this … at least promising-looking Star Trek series. (I myself never got into Discovery.) This could be a banner year for Trek.

It’s likely to be non-serialized. The days of 22 ep seasons are past, except for network television.

I just watched the trailers for this and not sure when/if it’s going to arrive on any of the streaming services I use, but from the trailers alone, it seems to me like they might have overdone the characterisation a bit. Seems like every character shown has to be intensely character-y - they have to have their thing, that defines them, and that everyone keeps seeing how it defines them, over and over.

Obligatory Futurama reference.

My only complaint is a little too shiny, not talking about production values. THOSE are great.

And I’ve ALWAYS hated the pew-pew blip-blip phasers. Its been a beam weapon forever. And only became pew pew with the DS9 phaser rifles.

It’s been announced that Adrian Holmes, who plays Uncle Phil on Bel-Air, will make an appearance in Strange New World’s pilot episode as Admiral Robert April, the first person to command the Starship Enterprise NCC-1701.

Unlike the TAS version of Robert April, who of course was depicted as an old white guy, Holmes is black, and I’ve already seen racist comments on Facebook referring to the casting of Holmes as “more Trek woke shit.”

“Woke” is the new insult word of the month. They don’t even know what it means. I think it is a rule every episode of the FBI family of shows must have at least one use of the word in the IMDB pinhead comments.

It probably from a Russian troll farm anyway.

At least they don’t have propellers on the starship.

The truth is that the Admiral suffered a stroke while undertaking Jamaharon on Risa. A second body wasn’t available, so his Katra was transferred by his loyal Vulcan ADC to that of a martinet Commodore.
Robert April is of a species which looks human, but in actuality whose phenotype keeps changing as the decades go by.

I mean WTF is wrong with people. It’s great to see lots of long established book canon transferring to the screen. Who the hell cares about the actors skin colour.

OK, first off, I think Anson Mount walked onto the set of Discovery and just took the show away from them. It wasn’t long before I didnt’ give a crap about the Disco crew and I just wanted to follow Pike’s crew, and in particular, Pike. So I’m very, very much on-board with seeing more of this crew.

Now, for the airing of grievances:

Why does Star Trek no longer have faith in their universe? Discovery couldn’t just be a whole new group of people, they had to make up a relative of Spock’s (that no one has heard of in 60 years of Trek), and use it to bring in Sarek, Mrs. Sarek( [Amanda Grayson), and eventually, Spock himself. Tying Michael to Spock was just. . .sad, useless, pointless fan service. You’ll like her, she’s Spock’s sister! They must lack faith in their product if they feel the need to lean on the love and goodwill of old characters quite so much.

Next, Pike and the crew of the Enterprise. I love Mount’s performance/character, and I liked what I saw of everyone else. I’m pissed that they had to bring them in as those characters, though. Once again, the show can’t stand on its own strength, and needs to lean on fan-service. All of those characters could have different names while portraying essentially the same character, and they would have a blank slate, with no previously-established canon to worry about.

Well, except that someone needed to be related to Michael for the plot (the whole Red Angel thing). Since they committed to Michael being adopted by Spock’s family, they had to keep going down that track. Not only were they bringing in Spock’s parents, NOW they had to bring in Spock himself, and of course, that necessitated the Enterprise, and Pike, etc. See what happens when you start effing with older, established characters? If they hadn’t felt the need to tie Michael to Spock, we’d could have a new show about a new starship, and a new set of characters with a blank slate and no concerns about canon issues. As is, they’re running the risk of looking like DC comics before Crisis.

All the above annoyed me, but what really set me off, the thing that sent me off on a rant, is the announcement of the name of the Enterprise’s security officer. I’ll spoiler it if, for some reason, you don’t want to know their name:

The name of the Enterprise’s security officer is La’an Noonien-Singh. As in KHAAAAAN!!! Noonien-Singh. So a descendant of his served on the Enterprise with Spock. Shouldn’t this have colored Spock’s perception of Khan when he comes aboard - particularly if the security officer turns out to be enhanced like Khan? Security work would be a good field for an enhanced human. If she’s not enhanced, why even have this character? They clearly have plans to eff with that whole storyline in some manner. Great, mess about with the greatest, most perfect story-line in all of Trek, surely nothing could go wrong there.

For a Federation consisting of 150+ planets across the galaxy, why the hell does everything seem so. . .incestuous? Every damn show has to take the opportunity to bring in an ancestor of Data’s creator, Soong (who of course, throughout the generations, looks just like Data.) Spock suddenly had an adopted sister. . . now there’s the security officer. . .why don’t they have faith that their shows can stand on their own without bringing in everyone’s relatives?

Maybe I’ll take MST3K’s advice: it’s just a show, I should really just relax.

Naaaah. Imma go yell at clouds now.

[Star Wars fan] Tell me about it! [SWF]

Well this is supposed to be a prequel, so yes you will have lots of the same faces.