Star Trek Strange New Worlds trailer and now begins Streaming 2022/05/09

Yes, you are right again.

Just dropping in to say that there’s a lot of middle ground between hard SF and science fantasy. I don’t think Star Trek has ever really been the latter. And that there is a difference between where it sat on that spectrum in TOS vs where it sat in the TNG-era. TNG got stricter with it, and established a lot more of the “rules” of the science in that universe, while TOS kinda just fell into them. Still, people tend to expect those rules to be followed.

I’ve not yet seen the show, and am intrigued, but am waiting for more episodes to come out before investing. My concern from reading the Wikipedia page is stuff about continuity, and how certain things will interact with established canon. To avoid spoiling, I’ll simply say it’s a returning character from a single yet important TOS episode.

But those “rules” aren’t anywhere near hard science. They are more like the rules of a fantasy setting.

I watched episode two last night and I am generally satisfied with the direction of this show. Discovery and Picard have left me with such a bad taste in my mouth that I’m not sure yet that I will like Strange New Worlds, but it’s showing promise. I’m starting to feel optimistic.

I disagree with the premise that we are less xenophobic then in the 60’s. And as i noted…Russians being barred from individually barred from Wimbeldon and chess tournements would seem to bear this out.

And Chinese?? Thats the definition of safe woke. Look at the relationship the NBA and Hollywood has with China.

I loved the second episode. I’m really liking Pike as a captain. Very relatable.

I also like how it was Uhura-focused. But her character is too much like Hoshi on Enterprise. Linguistic genius who goes into space to learn new alien languages but doesn’t really want to be in Starfleet… That’s essentially the same character background.

Yeah, this was far more Star Trekish. They cut down on hugging and weeping. Perfectly episodic.

Someone remembers the characters from that show? Anyway, it doesn’t bother me if character back stories are similar. There’s nothing new under the Sun after all. M What matters is what they do with it.

It doesn’t bother me too much. And I think Hoshi was a callback to Uhura anyway, so it’s something of an Ouroboros. But it’s really close, so much so that it’s a bit lazy.

All that said, just a minor quibble. The actress was awesome and her writing was good so it’s not a big deal. She pulled off the “I’m a nervous newbie” thing without being annoying at all, which was something of a miracle. I think it helps that she had a backbone too.

I don’t know why they have reimagined Uhura as a “linguist”. She is a Comms officer, a different specialty.

At least they didn’t have Uhura learn a new language in an hour. Musical notation and math is much more believable.

Since I like this show so much, I had to go back and watch The Menagerie again. I kept (irrationally) thinking that Uhura should have been involved, to help her former captain. Of course, Spock wouldn’t have endangered her any more than he’d have involved Kirk. At the end of part two, Uhura relays the message to Kirk and Spock that the transmissions from Talos had been received at Starfleet HQ and that everything is cool, Pike can go to Talos if he wants, etc. There’s a joy in her voice that the fan in me can attribute to her happiness that Pike will be OK.

FYI The first episode is on youtune. Just the (you tube inserted?) ad at the beginning, and a “hey, sign up to see more” at the end:


“This video is not available.” Can’t imagine why not.

I’m not sure if you are being serious, but I am guessing the video is region restricted. It is not because it is a pirate video, Paramount Plus is the author.
Melanie “Wynonna Earp” Scrofano is Captain Batel (Pike’s breakfast companion in the opening) – I didn’t recognize her at first but I do on second viewing.


Worked for me.

Another good episode.

A classic: a mysterious affliction attacks the crew! It wasn’t perfect - even Spock was rolling his eyes when he himself explained what happened to the colonists - but I liked it a lot. I like how they’re focusing on one character each episode, while still giving the rest of the cast something to do.

I also like how they went back to the theme of the Federation’s aversion to genetic engineering. I’ve always liked how it portrayed the usually enlightened Federation in shades of gray.

Eh. That change was made as far back as the Enterprise series. where their Comms officer was also a linguist. And then Uhura was also a linguist in the reboot movies. I think they just decided that it made her seem like she did more than say “hailing frequencies open, Captain.” She often seemed a lot more like a secretary who handled the phones in TOS.

I can accept that maybe, in the future, you have to be somewhat overqualified for that position. Even if it does mess with that scene in one of the movies where they had to use a Klingon/English dictionary.

(Note, I’m not saying that someone on Comms is necessarily less qualified than a linguist. I’m suggesting maybe they needed to have both specialties.)