Star Trek TOS: The Doomsday Machine

A comment and a question:

The music as the Doomsday machine is closing in on the starship is reminiscent of the Jaws “shark music.”

In the first Star Trek movie, the new commander of the enterprise is named “Decker.” That is also the name of the commander of the ship that Captain Kirk takes into the jaws of the Doomsday Machine. Coincidence, or was there originally something in the script for the movie that never made it to the final release that told what the relation was to Commodore Decker?

IIRC, in the movie, isn’t it established Will is Matt’s son?

In the scene where Decker is piloting the shuttlecraft into the mouth of the machine, there are images of actor William Windom grimacing wild-eyed. A buddy of mine had a videotape of this episode and used to play it and freeze one of these images on his television when he left the house. Whenever his roommate came home, he was met by Decker’s horrified visage.

Will Decker is Matt Decker’s son.

No kidding? That’s pretty cool.

That used to be one of my favorite stoner tricks. Slowly push a reefer at your fellow smoker and yell, “quick, name this Star Trek episode!”

The response is almost invariably, “da duh, da duh, da duh DA duh…”