Star Wars: A New Hope - Is it possible the deleted Biggs scene ever aired when the movie was released

Regarding this deleted scene, which is now available on Disney+

I could picture this scene in my head before I actually watched it. I’ve sworn to my friends for some time I recall seeing this scene in the movie (broadcast on HBO when I was a kid). The memory seems so real, but I know studies have shown that “memories” can be manufactured. But, I swear I had seen this when I was younger. Anyone else remember it?

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For what it’s worth, I’ve seen lots of Star Wars, including VHS versions, the original, etc., and I don’t remember ever seeing those scenes.

These scenes were featured in one Star Wars picture book I had as a kid, I bought it through the Scholastic book program, so you might be remembering it from a similar source.

See details here:

I probably saw A New Hope five times in the theaters in '77 and '78; the scene in question was never in the film when I saw it back then. I also remember seeing the movie a lot when it first was shown on cable TV (1983 or so), and neither that scene, nor any of the other deleted scenes, were in it – it was the same as the original theatrical release.

That said, I’ll note that:

  • The scene was in the novelization which was also issued in 1977 (and may have been in the comic book adaptation, as well)
  • Images from that deleted scene have been around since then, too. (Edit: see @Horatius 's link, which includes images from the Star Wars Storybook)
  • An adapted version of the scene (along with many other additional scenes) was included in the radio drama adaptation of the film, which first ran on NPR in the U.S. in 1981. (I added this to the list just as @erysichthon made their post below)
  • Video clips of it have been out there since the '90s, if not before – I have a CD-ROM from LucasArts, from around 1998, called “Star Wars: Behind the Magic,” which has that scene, among other deleted scenes, on it.

I’m going to ascribe it to the Mandela Effect.

IIRC, the “Biggs scene” was also in the 1981 NPR radio dramatization.

One day, not too long from now, when all of us that were there in 1977 are dead and buried, and no one watches Blu ray anymore, in the Glorious Future Land of all streaming, Disney will add that scene to the movie, and it will officially have always been there. And there will be no evidence to say otherwise.

I weep for that future.

Close the blast doors.


“Biggs Darklighter”??? Are you fucking shitting me??? :roll_eyes:

That name would be ridiculous in a porn parody.

And, remember that Biggs also flew in the same squadron as a heavyset guy named Porkins.

Luke was originally going to be called Luke Starkiller.

Lucas was a true master at subtlety, wasn’t he?

They had only top men in the squadron.


This is true!

As Harrison Ford once famously said to him, “George! You can type this shit, but you sure can’t say it!”

I remember seeing a scene somewhat similar to this one with Luke and his binoculars at a drive-in in '77; I specifically recall wondering what the hell was going on when the POV shifted to this seemingly random dude. I do not remember seeing any Biggs scenes.

You already knew this movie featured a shootout between guys named “Han Solo” and “Greedo,” and you’re surprised at “Biggs Darklighter?”

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

And we’re doing it to ourselves.