Star Wars: ASCII style!

Press Start > Run > and then type

May the force be with you!

Or just go here:

I just saw that site! It’s great! Very creative, IMHO.


How many time is this going to get posted?

Seems like every 4-6 months or so.

Well, at least it gives me a valid excuse to link to How Darth Vader Got His Groove Back. (Flash.)

Also, if, like me, you tend to think about Star Wars far too much, you’ll appreciate this usenet thread.

(My Star Wars saturation is evidenced by this 1980 photograph, from before I turned to the Dark Side.)

Good gad, I’m posting with children!


Ayuh-- 32, but I’ll be a child until I’ve very very old.

“I’m”. Argh. Must be getting senile.

Larry we could be twins…Same age, and I was wearing same/similar shirts while playing with my chemistry set at age 10 (which is what that looks like you’re doing to me).


I didn’t have time to watch the whole thing - does it actually do the whole movie scene-for-scene? If so that’s a hell of a lot of work put into that.

OpalCat’s link lets you fast forward…that one, in any case, goes up to the point where Obi Wan splits up with the rest of the group in the Death Star