Star Wars collectors, got a barf bag?

Now you can.

The author of that article missed “Spewbacca.”

Just when I thought the McDonald’s tie-in was…

A New Low.

Spew the force, Luke.

And I thought they smelled bad on the outside.

Geez, the Darth Vader lawn sprinkler wasn’t bad enough?

“If spew you must, into this, hurl you should”
Man, I don’t see why anything Lucas markets should surprise anyone…he’s been the original merchandising war since the first movie…

he’s been the original merchandising whore since the first movie…

Too late, George! It would have been a much better idea to distribute these when The Phantom Menace premiered.

The only ones that will sell are the Jar-Jar ones.

Especially if the picture is on the inside.

It’s for when you’ve got a bad feeling about lunch.