The new Star Wars movie

I’m glad this movie is finally out. It may be a very good movie, but I am sick and tired of everybody who is selling anything mentioning it.
It seems like every fast food joint and every company that has a product is mentioning this movie, even if it has nothing to do with whatever they are selling. I will not miss this at all.

Well, it’s Disney. They over-promote the hell out of everything. When the original Star Wars came out, 20th Century Fox didn’t realize what a merchandising juggernaut it would become.

Goddamn commercial for leasing Fiats pimping that shit. I agree, its got to stop.

Feel the hate swelling within you.

Yep, you just need to wait until Christmas is over and then you’ll have a few weeks of respite before hype and speculation for the second one start becoming ubiquitous.

Well, a few days of respite, at least.

New and improved, with more Dark Side™ than ever!

I believe you’re about 40 years late to start complaining that Star Wars is being over-merchandised. :slight_smile:

Not over-merchandised (I don’t care what the hell they try to sell), just over-hyped. I even saw a “story” (promo) on a Japanese national newscast that aired here on TVJapan (I guess it opened the same day there). Of course every local newscast has done stories on it. Then there was the tie-in on Big Bang Theory. Enough already!

I hate Disney already, now they have multiplied that by a factor of infinity.

There was truck commercial recently (maybe still playing) that tried to segue from The Hunger Games to buying a certain kind of truck. It was a serious :confused: :confused: :confused: for me.

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I was at the grocery store today; they were selling bags of whole apples with the Star Wars logo on it. Huh? I mean I expected the Star Wars cereal, Star Wars Cheez-Its, Star Wars gummies, but now we’re branding produce?

Disney is “only” spending $20 million marketing it. I assume all of those companies are paying Disney for the honor of tying their products to the movie.