Star Wars Ep. 3 Trailer

Well sort of. Quicktime required


Doesn’t seem to be working. Well that sucks.

Yes, I do not like this lazy link. Backtracking on the site gives me a message that “this page is not yet open to the public”.
I didn’t even know they had started filming Ep. III. Can you give us some hints about what we’re supposed to be seeing?

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Cajun Man - SDMB Moderator

Does anyone here still think that the first trailer released would be the real one? Doesn’t anyone remember the patchwork fanboy trailer for Ep II? Heck, II is hardly even out of the theaters yet… They’re going to keep milking it for a good while yet before moving on to the next cash cow.

Have they confirmed that they’re calling it “Rise of the Empire”?

I control-clicked (right-clicked) the link in this thread, and it worked fine.

FYI, to save the trouble of a fifteen-minute DL (on DSL), it’s a Lego-based Star Wars universe. Well done, might I add, but not anything resembling a real trailer.

I think that fake Episode II trailer was better than the real ones. Maybe even Episode II itself.