Star Wars prequels, did Palpatine know about Anakin?

In TPM Schmii tells Qui Gon that Anakin was a virgin birth, when he asks her about his father(its clear he is trying to figure out where Anakin’s amazing force potential came from).

In ROTS Palpatine tells Anakin about his Sith master who trained him Darth Plagueis. He tells him that Plagueis discovered a way to use the force to create life itself, with the clear implication Anakin is that life.

So knowing that even the blockade seen in the opening scenes of TPM was set up by Palpatine, did he set up Qui Gon and party meeting and bringing Anakin to Corusant?

Or did Palpatine not know where or who Anakin was? Or did he know and was just waiting for Anakin to grow up before engineering a traumatic event so he could swoop in and manipulate him? Or did he know but just not care, and Anakin becoming his inside man with the Jedi was just coincidence?

To an extent, Darth Sidious can foretell the future. He knew he would soon find his apprentice, the one who would betray the Jedi and join him to allow him to rule the Galaxy.

At the end of TPM, when Palpatine says he will look on Anakin’s progress with great interest, is when he knew it was going to be him. I think that was their first meeting.

Right but did he know Anakin was the life his master used the force to create before this meeting, and did he arrange it somehow?

Or did he only know his master had used the force to create life, but not where or who it was. And only later once meeting Anakin and hearing he came from Tattoine put 1 and 2 together with Anakin’s age and said aha this is the life.

(Because if Anakin was born on a republic world he would have been found by the Jedi, by having Anakin be born on Tattoine he remained unknown.)

That’s left deliberately ambiguous, but most people think so.

I always assumed that Palpatine had learned Plagueis’ secret and created Anakin personally to become his perfect Sith apprentice. Considering how he has an almost messianic appreciation for him and talks about how he would be even more powerful than himself, it makes sense, and I think it lends a nice sense of symmetry between Anakin’s struggle with the Dark Side and Luke’s later on.

I always liked the interpretation that Plagueis created Anakin for his own plans, but Sidious slew Plagueis to take power for himself. He doesn’t actually know Plagueis’s secrets of creating life, but pretends to in order to secure Anakin’s loyalty.

And I think this is basically what Lucas had in early drafts, but decided to pull back and make it more ambiguous. I actually think Episode III was supposed to have a kind of “I am your father” kind of reveal, with Palpatine revealing he created Anakin(or Plageus did), but they held off from doing it.

Wait… Anakin (Darth Vader) was a virgin birth? Am I reading this correctly?

If you didn’t catch this little tidbit by now, then just walk away. Walk away from the thread with your Star Wars appreciation intact.

Ok, if you didn’t walk away:

Ruined! By The Doctor, nonetheless! :frowning:


SW appreciation kind of died a long, long time ago, in a city far, far away.

But that… that’s just dumb. And I mean “dumb” as in “suffering from severe retardation.” And I mean “severe retardation” as in of the South Carolina beauty queen variety.

i am a bit bothered by the idea that a sith lord would “put all his eggs in one basket”. especially if that one basket ends up a slave somewhere. that really isn’t logical.

i would think that said sith lord would put eggs in a few baskets and place them around different systems.

it really didn’t make much sense… why wasn’t shmii better taken care of, how did she end up a slave, why was she picked? you figure a woman alone with a child, being a slave, what are the chances of him growing up? one wacky impulse by owner and bye bye youngling.

In a galaxy far, far away that’s filled with some head-scratchingly stoopid stuff, this is just one more brick in the wall.

Shmi only said there was no father, not that she was a virgin. So all we know is she wasn’t getting laid in the 9 months or so (assuming similar biology to Earth humans) before Anakin’s birth, not that she never did the wild thing.

What I always found funny was when I first saw TPM, I interpreted “There was no father” to be metaphorical (i.e. he was a dead beat who ran out on them and had no contact with Ani). It was only when I saw that everyone online took it literally that that concept even occurred to me.

We don’t even know that much, Based on whatever genetics apply between species, she may very well have been banging some alien(or aliens) whose species would make it impossible to have produced the fully human looking Anakin.

While Star Wars has some dumb stuff, interspecies reproduction is not one of them. In the films and EU stuff I can’t remember one instance of it.

Right, interspecies reproduction doesn’t occur. But interspecies banging presumably does.

In the book, IIRC, it said that Shmi lied. So I never knew what it was supposed to be.

I only hope that when the phantom menace is remade, someone casts Terry Jones in the part of Shmi