Star Wars Rebels is Firefly Meets The Empire

Started watching Star Wars Rebels this week.

Really like it… but my goodness, the plucky crew of the Ghost reminds me very much of the plucky crew of Serenity.

Right down to the call out to The Train Job in the pilot movie.

Try to ignore Ezra’s floaty hair that defies physics.

Because accurate physics is a hallmark of the Star Wars universe…


When you haven’t seen a hairstylist in a few lightyears your hair is gonna do some weird stuff.

Strong in the force, his follicles are.

Well, if they play out Serenity and have Darth Vader burn all their contacts to the ground and then kill Ahsoka with a sword…

…with a sword, Mal

I wish they weren’t to be honest.

Having the Emperor, Vader and all the force sensitive henchmen chasing down completely ordinary Rebels would have been fun. Seeing how they can use their pluck and ingenuity alone to escape or better the Empire would be a great little bit of a show.

But Disney owns Star Wars, so you can’t go too long without seeing a Light Sabre.