Star wars vs Star Trek vs Stargate

Plenty has been said between which would win in a war between star wars and star trek. My question is if you added in the Stargate universe into the mix which would win? For the purposes of this battle the Stargate ancients are preventing the Q from interfering and vice versa.

There are perhaps dozens of God-like aliens in the Star Trek universe. The Organians, the Metron, the Next Generation dude that killed all the Husnocks, everywhere, with a thought. Even more God-Like beings who use technology to grant them their abilities. General Trelane (retired), the dudes with the belts that turn people into 12 sided styrofoam dice, Apollo. Never mind that in the pilot, Mitchel gained enough power to alter reality, and he was just a human. Even the relatively weak Talosians could make a ship many lightyears away fly into a star or overload its reactor just by presenting illusions to the crew.

Even without the Q, the Star Trek universe is a dangerous place to fuckle around.

Alas, the Stargate humans are definitely third place in this rank-up. They have only a tiny handful of ships, and a fixed network of gates, which they haven’t even fully explored.

Now, the Stargate is a big win when it comes to certain kinds of combat. Earth can march an entire Army Corps through a gate in a matter of days: neither Star Trek nor Star Wars has transport capacity that great. But the gate entrance is a really obvious choke-point, and if lost, leaves that Army Corps trapped and out of supplies.

Ultimately Star Trek wins, because it has not only one, but two major Time Travel technologies. They can use the Guardian of Forever, or just go into a hyperbolic orbit around a star. With that, they can win any war, simply by causing it not to happen in the first place. They could go back 1000 years and torpedo the Klingon homeworld from orbit, wiping out the Race of Heroes while they’re still fighting with steam-powered ironclads.

Throw out time travel, and the Federation still wins: their ships are faster than Star Wars ships, and have greater firepower. The Empire has Death Stars? The Federation can hit a planet with a Genesis Device…which can be fired from a cruiser, destroyer, frigate, or even a fast scouting ship.

I’m a Trek rather than SW fan, but I don’t think there’s any proof that Starfleet ships are any faster or have more firepower than Republic or Imperial ships. The Fed’s big advantage will be their transporters, which do not exist in the SW galaxy so far as I know. And even that advantage will be minimal in the early parts of a conflict, as Starfleet doesn’t exploit the tactical (let alone strategic) possibilities of matter-energy teleporters. They’ll still win, but they’ll do poorly in the early stages of the war. Any single Jedi Knight or Master will mop the floor with two dozen or more Starfleet troops; Clone and Storm Troopers will not have as lopsided a victory, but they’ll still take them. Only when the Feds start fighting “dirty” (that is, smart) and start ising the transporter to deliver ordnance (or, even better, sabotagstae enemy capital ships from a distance by teleporting away crucial engine parts) will Starfleet come from behind and win.

And that’s assuming the Jedi don’t board and capture the Enterprise in an early battle and then reverse-engineer the transporters.

Speedwise the order goes stargate, which can travel between galaxies in hours, star wars, the empire rules over most of a full galaxy, and then star trek which takes 70 years to cross a galaxy. Stargate also has transporters as well as stargates, obviously, they also had a time machine in several episodes. Though the reason stargate wins in my opinion is time. Namely they have access to millions of years of science and research, ancient and asguard. Going up against them would be like a bunch of stone agers trying to attack an aircraft carrier.

It’s fair to assume that Star Wars shields would work against transporters.

I think so too. But I don’t think any Trek captain is going to use the transporter for anything other than transporting their own troops in the earliest engagements. And as I said, given Starfleet’s incompetence at infantry engagements, and the fact that the Jedi are, well, Jedi, any attempt to board ship with Jedi on board is gonna end with the Feds getting their asses kicked. By which I mean their heads chopped off.

Particularly if we’re talking CLONE WARS era Republic troops. Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka versus Worf and any 99 starship security mooks = 100 dead Starfleet officers.

And what’ll happen if the Gould start infecting the Jedi.

I have no idea. Never watched it.

A Lensman takes them all out. Or Hactar and Marvin work together to make everyone want to blow up the universe.

Yeah, there’s that! There’s a Judge Dredd comic where Mega-City-One captures the Enterprise and gloms all its tech. Kirk, Spock, McCoy et all go into the iso-cubes for flying an unlicensed warship in earth’s orbit.

In stargate the Gould are a snake like parasitic race which infest humans and take over their bodies. Each Gould has the potential of living for thousands of years and some lived in ancient Egypt where they posed as their gods. The pyramids were landing platforms for their massive starships and they transplanted humans across the galaxy to act as their slaves. They can heal almost any injury or disease in their hosts.

I’m not sure what you question is here? Star trek TV series don’t really have story arc like Stargate and star wars other than star trek deep space nine.

Star trek has episodes with each episodes it’s own story. Not some story arc of war or alien invasion.

Stargate is really different than say Star trek. Both are space exploration and finding new worlds but Stargate is big arc of fighting the Goa’uld, Anubis than Ori. And finding technology to fight Goa’uld, Anubis than Ori.

Other than star trek deep space nine don’t have long arc of some alien out there that will like to wipe out earth.

The star trek the Borg had episodes here and there but did not have many seasons of long story arc like stargate or star trek deep space nine of attack of war or invasion.