Starbuck and Starbuck in Starbucks

Thanks to KneadToKnow for bringing this to my attention:


Man, I had to look it up to figure it out (not a fan of either version of the show) but it still made me smile from ear to ear!

Bwah-ha-hahhhh. I regret that Dirk Benedict passed on a cameo in the remake of BSG. As I understand it, he was supposed to play “God” or the avatar of the 13th tribe when they found the temple of The Five. Darn.

But this stupid shot almost makes up for it…



There have been a few filmed versions of Moby Dick. If they’d put the word out, they could have probably exceeded the two-Starbuck threshold pretty easily.

You ain’t kidding!: Find - IMDb

Don’t forget to put Agent Scully in the list of Starbucks, too. That’s what her dad called her.

Hey, it’s that guy from The “A” Team!

Who’s the chick?

Love this! Dirk Benedict looks amazing for a guy in his sixties (and, if this was recent, pushing 70).

What I wonder is how this picture came to be. Were they both at a con together? Did some fan write to both of them to set it up? Publicity shot at the start of the 2003 series?

Color me dense. What am I looking at and what does it mean?

Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica ca 78’ and Starbuck from BSG the more recent re-boot, they are in a Starbuck’s with cigars a character trademark.

Capt Kirk

Okay. I never watched BSG.



You know, I never really got that. Cigars are made from tobacco, which is a terrestrial life-form…

IIRC, this is a photo from an interview just before the new series was broadcast, it is pretty old.

Okay, so late fifties. Still looking pretty good though.

Who’s to say something similar didn’t grow on Caprica? Colonial society was a lot like that of the U.S./Canada/Western Europe anyway.

This is a fairly old pic - and there’s a video somewhere to go along with it. It was marketing before the new series aired and at that point Dirk Benedict was somewhat accepting of Katie Sackhoff taking over his roll. Once the new BSG was criticallly acclaimed and drawing better ratings than the original he quickly changed his tune. He decried the new BSG as being proof that the US was emasculated and run by women .He was very vulgar and condescending and ruined any good will that existed between himself, Katie Sackhoff, and the producers of the new BSG.

Yes, that is my recollection too. I also recall them saying they were also smoking Starbucks, which I suppose is a type or brand of cigar.