Starcraft Broodwar or; pssst - "ahhh, that's the stuff!"

I know there’s another thread on this. In fact I was just reading it, but I lost it and no amount of searching could turn it up again.

Anyway, at the end, we were all discussing online broodwarring and then…

Whatever happened? Did a few games get going? Did it fizzle out? Anybody still into getting a righteous slaughter going?

I’ve got a crew of neurotic, aggressive, xenophobic humans chompin at the bit. They are red-necked, red-eyed, strung out on stims and looking for some bugs to kill.

My marines are really bad. Even when they are not in battle, they like to abuse the stim packs. You can see them, standing around the bunkers, waiting for the action.

pssst - “ahhh, that’s the stuff!”

…and then there’s a flurry of medic activity as the pissed off doctors scramble to repair the damage caused by the vitriolic amphetamous mixture.

I’ve been broodwarring for quite some time, perhaps over a year already now. I’m pretty good. I go by the same name soulsling there as well. Usually I play on BNET.
My favorites depend on my mood. If I’m playing to let out some frustration and feel like conquering worlds and Unreal Tournament was too easy for me, I play as Zerg, my Zerg kill fast and furious.
If I’m just playing for fun, and don’t care about slaughter, but want to play to build up my base real well, I play Terran. My 'rines are some bad ass disciplined machines.
Protoss seem like such a copout to me, unless your’e playing short games. In long games, my Protoss build up the max on carriers to the point where nothing can defeat me, my arbiters and carriers combined are unstoppable. Not really fair huh?
Email me if you wanna a late night game or something,
I don’t care if I win or lose.

Best of all, I love making maps and testing them out.

I’m on Battlenet as well, as dewt. I’m curious about that. When multiplaying Age of E on ‘the zone’ it was easy enough to find yer buds. On battlenet, I can’t seem to figure it out. My friend and I, who play regularly, still need to use the phone while setting up. (once we are on the same channel we’re ok. It’s always the same; game = dewt password = y.

I always play terran. I did the other races in the campaigns, but much prefer my xenophobic, stim-wired marines. My buddy like protoss. And yes, despite my marines drug-induced blood-frenzy the arrival of a half dozen arbitered carriers with full upgrades usually (ok, always) heralds the end of the game. I’m working on perfecting my lockdown tecnique as we speak. One of these days… POW, right to the moon!!!

I love killing zerg. Love it. I like radiate em, shoot 'em, and eat 'em!

I don’t mind losing. (I keep playing, don’t I?)

Consider yourself challenged. :slight_smile: heheh

Yeah, me too. They get convoluted sometimes, with a million triggers and elaborate maps.

You want a piece of ME, BOY!?

How often do you guys use Firebats?
I find them absolutely useless except against zerg, and that only in close combat.
Mutas rock!

Take firebats and use them against the tanks or other large powerful things (one shot powerhouses). They make quick work of them, as long as they have some cover from marines (the marines should target other small enemies that can take out the firebats). They also work great against structures, and it’s good to have one in every bunker.

Make that pieces. Moo-hahahahahaha

Firebats rock. Early game, they make for some wicked defense. Perch em in twin bunkers with an scv or 2 handy for repairs and you can hold of a small army of zealots.

Mid and late game their range makes them a challenge to use effectively in all out battle but try this; load up a drop ship (or more) with 5 bats and 3 medics and drop it in the middle of someones mining operation. A little stim and away you go. Absolute carnage.

My email is My playing schedule revolves around evenings (8pm-11pm) EST - a little advance warning is a good thing for my marriages sake. My wife doesn’t understand how serious a menace those zerg and protoss really are.

*Originally posted by dewt *

[QUOTE- a little advance warning is a good thing for my marriages sake. My wife doesn’t understand how serious a menace those zerg and protoss really are. **[/QUOTE]

  • mine more minerals…

build more supply depots…

running low on vespene gas…*
stupid GO-BOTS…

:: shakes head, mumbles about game being more demanding than wife…grumble…go-bots…tell me where it hurts…stupid game…grumble ::

I generally play toss but i also generally DON"T go carriers. Yes, against the comp they’re too easy, against human players they take too long to build. I WILL dark teplar the crap out of you though! You’ll see me playing either as “numbnut” or “iminvisible”.

It’s been months since I played Brood War. Generally because there are three types of players on BNet:

10% are kids (or, sometimes, adults) who have way too much free time on their hands and therefore can beat me with one hand tied behind their backs;

89% are people who won’t play on anything but BGH, or are generally idiots, or both;

1% are people near my skill level who don’t have time to practice but find the game fun.

Try finding those 1%. It ain’t easy. Though I might be willing to go up against one of you guys. :slight_smile:


I play on BattleNet, use the same name “VictoryChicken”… but I haven’t been able to in the last 2 months or so (my university is updating the LAN, and it’s been really spotty!! Hopefully, when the new semester starts, it will be working again, and I won’t have lost my record :mad: )
If I see any of you guys there, let’s rock!!

So how do we hook up on Bnet? The only time I have ever used it is with a friend of mine and we’re usually on the phone when we do it. I thought of opening a channel, sdmb, but for some reason, when we tried it last night, it didn’t work out. (at this point, anybody with Bnet experience can feel free to speak up or point me to a site that’ll give me the how to rule. Thanksplease.)

I have a cable modem so its easy for me. Just start the game and select multiplayer then select battlenet. I imagine (note the qualifier ) that with a telephone modem you have to get on the net with your ISP then start the game and go through the same motions.

Lazarus, BGH is EVIL! I hate playing on so-called “money maps”, because then you just end up facing the idiots who do nothing but turtle and build up their killer fleet of 'Cruisers/Carriers then come and stomp on you.

Of course, when you’ve got a truckload of Scourge and a armada of Devourers backed up with Queen-Ensnare support they run into a nasty surprise. <BigEvilGrin>

Most of my tricks are better for annoyance value than anything else… like Hallucinating your enemy’s units to confuse the hell out of them, or Psi-Storming their workers (hehehe).

I used to a lot, as either DarkJudic8r or Kajun, but these days I can’t seem to find the time. I also suck pretty bad at the game but that’s beside the point. :smiley:

If any Dopers are interested I’d be into this, just as long as y’all don’t pound me too bad.

Dark “I’m about to drop the hammer… and dispense some in-dis-criminate justice!” Judicator

<Wanders off and jacks into his mech… “TactCom online…”>

Topic to the last post should end
(to the tune of “Flight of the Valkyrie”)

<releases a batch of Zerglings into the SDMB servers> Screw with my topic will ya? We’ll see about that…

I know the feeling. It’s hard finding those guys at just the right skill level. I used to be where you’re at (though lack of practice will result in my quick death), but I’m willing to give it a shot sometime.

Alright then. I guess I was assuming someone would get all enthusiastic and volonteer to set something up to match schedules and skill levels.

[eeyore voice]
Oh well… someone has got to do it. Might as well be me.
[/eeyore voice]

Anybody interested in playing can send me their bnet name, schedule and a best guess at a skill level. I get things organized as they come in.

soulsling I’m looking forward to playing you. I think I owe you a butt-whoopin from that karate game. I was that white belt you so gleefully trounced. :wink:

I also used to Bnet as Human but got out of the habit after starting to play Diablo II and Red Alert 2 which seemed to take up WAY too much time. Plus, the wifey tends to get pissed when I play online games for more than 3 hours :smiley:

I’ll be keeping an eye out for y’all though…I go by Xploder of course.


I’m not sure I’ve ever been on All my games have been with friends on a LAN, though we’d occasionally join other people’s games. They might’ve been on Bnet, they might’ve just been open servers (if they exist the same way FPS servers do). Do I need to register or anything?
[sub]Wanders off to the corner while everyone else points and laughs…[/sub]

Yep. You’ll need to do that.

You can go to for more info on how to join and stuff. When I first signed up, it was as simple as putting the broodwar cd in and choosing ‘multiplayer’. The software knows where to go and all you have to do is follow the yellow brick road. :smiley: