"Starfleet Academy" Sticker Needed

One of the nice things about living in Saudi Arabia is that I drive a junker car and nobody laughs. We are here to save money, not to spend it.

Since resale value is not a big issue for me, I want to get a “Starfleet Academy” sticker for the back window. That should confuse the Saudis!

OK, I have given the Web a quick look. Nobody seems to be selling the silly things. Further, last year when I visited the local franchise of The Android’s Dungeon they looked at me like I was a barking dog.

I suspect there may be some sort of legal copyright thing going on.

OK, so where can I get one?

Maybe these guys? I haven’t used them myself. (BTW – it’s a window decal, not a bumper sticker.)


Found some on ebay.


Let me try Sci Fi Mosaic. I have never used e-bay and fear that if I sign up I might stop getting all those desperate e-mails from them asking me to tell them my password because they forgot it.

OK, got it (2$ for the sticker, $8 for the shipping!). Thank you very much.