Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis: Watch in Tandem?

My husband and I have been watching Stargate SG-1 for the past few months since someone had given us the entire first 7 seasons on DVD. We finished season 7 and started season 8 last week from Netflix, and after several episodes we’re starting to notice some holes in the details. The biggest question was “when did they figure out where Atlantis was?” I looked up on the Stargate Wiki and it turns out that detail was revealed at the beginning of the new series. It sounds from the Stargate Wiki that Season 8 of SG-1 started at the same time as the new Atlantis series and that the episodes may overlap.

Should we actually be watching the Atlantis series at the same time now? Should I do some more research to find out which episodes correspond (did they air on the same night, back-to-back or something?)

I hate missing stuff like this. I need to know if I should be adding another whole series to my Netflix queue now. As if we don’t have enough stuff on there already :o

The two series hardly overlap at all. I watched SG-1 S9 in tandem with SG-A S2, but I don’t think I would have lost anything watching either one independantly

For the most part, you can enjoy the two separately. In fact, for the first season of Atlantis, they’re pretty much isolated from Earth, since they have no power source to open the inter-galactic wormhole. It’s still interesting to watch Atlantis, but you’re not missing out on much, SG1 related.

There have been only a couple of episodes where there was overlap, but mostly if you’re watching the corresponding seasons, you’ll do fine.