Stargate Universe, "Time" (open spoilers)

Gee, I wonder what the team could find that would be so surprising and involve “Time”? :wink: The preview didn’t give us any clue at all. Since this is the first time we’re seeing a non-desert planet on SGU I wonder if they’ll try to alien-up the local flora and fauna more than they did on SG1 or SGA. Probally not.

So this was a Reset Button, a’la Star Trek: Voyager?

So, I’m trying to decide if it sucked.

I liked this. At least they came up with a plausible explanation as to why they’d ever return to a planet they found their own long-dead bodies on. I’m a little confused about the ending. So is Lt Not-Gay going to send the Kino backwards (or forwards) in time so that they find it instead of finding the first Kino and get to harvesting the creatures sooner so none of them actualy die? I think I’d prefer it if the Senator’s daughter just stated dead.

Yes, and somehow they will be successful in capturing the chest burrowing nasty aliens (CBNA) and extracting their venom.
Although we don’t get to see it.
So most of this episode never happened, but we got to see the stuff that didn’t.

I don’t think this really qualifies as a “reset” button. They did get a “reset”, but it was what they sent back that made the difference. All that stuff happened, but just in a loopy timey way. It felt different from Janeway crashing into the ship and suddenly it’s all back the way it was two weeks ago only they make a different choice this time and avoid all the crazy.

Say what?
Lt Not Gay throws the kimo into the gate and the show ends. The preview from next week makes no mention of a “to be continued.” Sounds like the worst of Voyager to me.

Wishful thinking on your part.
This show is beginning to fellate with great allacrity. Is this the fifth episode and they are already writing filler?

I want to like the show, but so far it has been mediocre at best. I’m getting a little tired of the “We’re lost in space and we don’t know whats going on and I’m so emotional” theme over the last five or so episodes. They need to start kicking ass, and soon.

<stargate nitpick>

If I remember correctly, in SG-1 and Atlantis, traveling through time was a very difficult operation which required mega super computers to calculate the exact time to enter/open the stargate. Tossing not one, but two keno’s through and getting the right time seems a little far fetched, based on what I remember of the rest of the stargate shows.


Perhaps it did indeed suck, but I’m easily distracted by really excellent acting, dialogue and direction, and for me this had all those things in spades.

I still like the general tone of this series more than the original. And for all those who hate Chloe, hey, they killed her twice, what more do you want?

I would prefer to see some sort of closure, though. The complete lack of any reference to this ep in next week’s promo threw me right off.

For her to stay dead. Damnit.

Actually, I found myself hoping that Narrating Eli would get gacked quicker than it happened. Hell, if I was Rush I’d’ve jumped into an unstable wormhole just to get away from him, too. That man-child thing they’ve got for his character is just irritating.

They didn’t calculate an exact time. Remember how they found Rush’s not-fresh skull by the gate? It could have been there for many many years. They really only needed the keno to land at the time before they arrived, which had pretty good odds.

I liked the complete lack of closure at the end of the episode. It’s pretty obvious what they did after the credits rolled. Having them find Lt. Not-Gay’s message, gather the critters during the day, and use the venom to cure the parasites would have been a waste of air time. I was just reflecting on the idea of “distilled realism” in ficiton earlier today, and this episode didn’t even bother with the standard denouement. Wonderful.

I’m also starting to like Rush more and more.

I definitely liked the ending too. Once more than one major character died off it was pretty obvious they were gonna undo it, so I’m happy they just left it to imagination. I know people might say this was a filler ep, but we learned a lot about the characters, especially Eli.

And given the transparent audience substitute-ness of the character (I mean, c’mon, nerdy underachiever guy’s true potential is finally discovered and he gets to go off into space?), I can’t help but feel a little insulted by the way he’s being portrayed…

I didn’t feel cheated when they did it though. It only worked out because there were multiple “resets”. It was more similar to Groundhog day than a Star Trek “reset”. There are some interesting consequences too. The audience now knows that Eli’s mom has HIV, but the crew does not.

That also. He’s obviously there to be the audience-identification character, but they’re trying for “lovable loser”, and often failing on the “lovable” part. It comes across that the writers regard their audience as losers.

Doubly irritating because I identify more with most of the other characters (other than Just Die Already Chloe) than bufoonish Eli.

Yeah, it made me briefly skip a beat when they had the sudden ending, despite knowing that the solution and seeing the previews for the following week make no mention of this ep.

OT: Origin of the local nick for “Lt Not-Gay”?

I first saw it in levdrakon’s assessment of the characters from the pilot episode. I think it’s being perpetuated mainly because it’s fun to say.

:dubious: I think levdrakon was reading WAY too much into Lt. Scott’s characterization in that first episode. So the writers throw some sex into the first episode to grab attention and pander to the audience? So what? He makes it sound like some kind of homophobic agenda on their part, which I don’t see at all.

Much as though I enjoyed the story, I felt the direction put too much from the point of view of Kinoes and the associated jumps/breaks. It made watching it quite uncomfortable at times.

I am, however, cultivating a huge crush on TJ.

Oh, this is also my first Stargate show. I love sci-fi but for some reason Stargate escaped me. On the strength of SGU I downloaded some SG-1 and then cracked and bought the ten seasons + two films box set. I’m about six episodes into season four now. I am officially a convert.

I was a little surprised when Lt. Boobs died in the sickbay, then all “aw hell, they got me – they’re gonna just reset button this timeline too” when Hottie McDaughter died.

I could see maybe killing off a secondary character, but Hottie’s clearly a main, and too soon to kill them off.

The problem with time reset (or groundhog day, if you prefer) episodes is that, for me, they feel like a cheap/cheesy way to kill off the main characters without actually killing any off, solely to artificially heighten tension.

It’s been done to death.