Starship Troopers 3

I’d pay to see that (assuming he hasn’t gone to seed in the last ten years).

I have the boxed set. The series is OK, but tends to be repetitive. Definitely not to be viewed in a marathon.

I’m not surprised I wasn’t the first to state this. I loved the book, and refuse to believe the rumor that there was a movie made.

There are reasons people here are not talking about how good or bad the first movie was.
I think it’s simplest to say that it was the director’s vision, the director is a very good director, and he made the movie he wanted to make.

Which had little to do with the book he made it from.

Maybe I should spread them out in my queue, then. Since I selected them all at the same time (after checking to see their proper order) they’re in a straight run at the moment.

“Is this the episode where they land on a planet and shoot lots of bugs? Cool!”

All that feckin channel seems to show in Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell. :mad:

(1) was a total hack job of Heilein’s novel. Director Paul Verhoven totally distorted the story. That said, those giant bugs that farted rockets were cool!
And, csapr van Dien didn’t have any talent-but I guess that didn’t matter!
I might watch ST III-if it makes it to dollar night!

Starship Troopers 1 was horrible. It’s funny that Casper van Dien is considered a name.

That’s about it :smiley:

And to those who complain about ST I (which I consider a perversion of Heinlein’s vision, but an OK action movie), I ask, would you have preferred if the (same) movie had been called “Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers” ?

for me, if called that, I would have personnally hunted down Verhoeven and fed him to one of his CGI bug

Where the bleep is the powered armor?

I’ll watch it, if just to have bitching material.

You realize, that that eventually will happen.

… and that such a remake will likely honor the tradition that calling the movie “[Book Author’s Name]'s [Title]” is absolutely no guarantee that it’ll be faithful.

That was it. :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some mild fond memories of the 1st, esp the “fake” commercials, but the 2nd is 99.99% bad, except you can make jokes about “brain suckers”, which give them that .01%.

They tried that, apparently and it came off as “robots vs bugs” :eek: so they dropped it. :frowning:

I guess they never saw Roughnecks, then. The troopers had powersuits and they didn’t look like robots.

That *would *be a good SF trick as Roughnecks came out 2-3 years after Starship Troopers.

I think the fact that they didn’t see potential in robots vs. bugs goes to show you just how incompetent the filmmakers were.

I have a few questions:

  1. is this his real name? Sounds improbable to me-imagine (sane) parents naing a boy “casper”!!
  2. has he starred in anything since ST!?
  3. does he have any talent (aside from his sixpack abdominals)?
  1. Yes it’s a real name. It has been a real name for centuries. It’s a (Dutch?) variant of Caspar/Gaspar, as in one of the Magi. According to his bios there are at least seven and maybe as many as 11 generations of "Casper"s in his family tree (a military family with distinguished "Casper"s for at least the two generations before him), counting his own son.
  2. IMDB Bio page. He’s primarily a TV actor and sure doesn’t look unemployed.
  3. You got me there, dude. But considering how many regularly-employed actresses seem to have, as Joe Bob would put it, only two very large talents, I’m not begrudging CVD a career based on hardbodied good looks

The nudity in the first one wasn’t gratuitous?