Starting a thread with Tapatalk - no email notifications?

I started a GD thread last night from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I never got any email notifications about it. It showed up in my “Participated” list but when I went to it today using IE, it showed that I wasn’t subscribed.

Does anyone know if this is expected behavior or if there is a way to change it?

Tapatalk has not been subscribing me to threads I post in lately either (I never set up email notifications, but I be subscribed). This is new.

I’ll ask Xash to look at it – he’s our Tapatalk guy.

Thanks. It’s not a big deal. I was more curious than anything.

“but I be subscribed?” What the hell was I thinking?


Check your iPhone app settings. First, make sure you’re on v1.13.5 of the app or update to the latest version from the app store.

Go to Tapatalk > Settings > Notification & Sync > Push Notification (make sure this is set to ON for receive notification and SDMB), then scroll further down to Email notification and set it to Instant Email.

Prepare to be evicted from the Ivory Tower.

I followed all of your instructions and then created this thread:
When I pull up my User CP in IE, the thread isn’t listed. When I go to the thread, the “Subscribe to this thread” option is available, so I assume I’m not subscribed.

Would someone please bump the other thread? Thanks.

I see that TubaDiva bumped and closed the other thread. I never got an email on it. Don’t know if it’s a feature or a bug.

Try deleting and reinstalling the iPhone app. Not sure why it isn’t working, as it works on my phone (so it’s not a server-side issue).

I’ve never done that before. I assume it will remember that I already paid for it.

Yes, iTunes keeps track of what you’ve already paid for. It will show you $2.99, but when you tap on it it will tell you that you’ve already paid for it and it will download it for free.

Ok. I’ve reinstalled it. I’ll bump this next time I start a thread. Just to be clear, the only emails that I’m not getting are from threads I started in Tapatalk and looks to me that the reason is that it doesn’t show me as subscribed to my own thread. Is there a user setting for that?

I started a new thread in IMHO using Tapatalk. Still no email notifications. Do they come from a different address? Maybe my work’s spam blocker is getting them.

The bug seems to be that Tapatalk doesn’t automatically subscribe me to my own threads. Once I subscribe, the emails work as they should. If there’s an option for that, I can’t find it.

Yeah, getting emails to subscribed threads is a setting you can tweak, but ever since I updated Tapatalk to the latest version, it no longer automatically subscribes me to threads I start or post in. I now have to manually subscribe, and I can’t find any settings to change this. If I post via web, it still automatically subscribes me. Weird! It didn’t use to be like that so it seems like something got lost in the upgrade.