Why the unceasing Tapatalk notices?

I mostly browse on a iPad,and everytime i open a new thread i get a notice: this forum has an app for iPad! Click OK to learn more about Tapatalk.

I’m using Safari with pop-ups turned off.

Is this a bug? A feature? Malware?

I reported because this probably belongs in ATMB. I got the same message a couple of times a few weeks ago then not again. I think there was a previous thread about it too.

Cool. Sometimes it just seems easier to ask than to search. Not really a good idea, but that’s the case. And in this case, I’ve now located the Notifications menu in the iPad’s Settings and disabled notifications. Hopefully that won’t be a solution that’s ultimately worse than the problem, but for now everything is good.

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There is the recent thread. Tuba said it would be looked into and after that I haven’t received any more pop ups.

I got the message once a couple of weeks ago on my Android phone, wanted the app, hit the wrong button and it disappeared and I haven’t seen it again. I couldn’t recall the name of the app do go download it without the pop-up!

Tapatalk is quite a neat way of reading the SDMB on a phone. I haven’t tried it on the iPad, but the web forum is pretty readable on an iPad so it might be less useful.

there is no way i wll even entertain trying something so annoying.

what notifications menu? i’m getting the same problem but i’m using Chrome.

I use Tapatalk exclusively on my iPhone, but use Safari to read the board natively on my iPad. I also turn off all notifications from Tapatalk on my iPhone as well.

but i don’t have tapatalk installed, so what do i turn off?

I think I misunderstood the post- I thought they were talking about Tapatalk notifications themselves.

I sometimes get the “Download the Tapatalk app” notices, too when using Safari on my iPad, but not always. I don’t know what I did to get it to stop.



We have no control over what Tapatalk does; it’s a standalone app that operates outside of our jurisdiction.

no, what i (and i believe the OP) is saying is that though the app is not installed, i am frequently getting a popup when i visit the boards, basically “this forum has an app for iPad! Click OK to learn more about Tapatalk.” i, too, have popups disabled.

If you allow Safari to save cookies, you shouldn’t see the Tapatalk message after the first time you visit the site. That decision obviously has other implications, so it’s up to you if it’s worth it to get rid of the annoyance.

I do not have the app but I have received notices when visiting this board. It’s not an app issue. Maybe it’s a vBulletin issue?

that’s not it. i’m using Chrome, and it’s set to allow cookies.

I’ll see if I can find out more about it.

They say you should see the popup once and only once and that’s it.

Do you stayed logged in or do you log in each time you visit the message boards? I wonder if you see each time you have to log in.