State of the RooshianDopeR Address (Long and MPSIMS)

OR: “Re-Name the Roosh” (Alternative Thread Title)
If you want to skip the sentimental ramblings and just get to the naming suggestions just skip down below the ~~~ Lines.

So my Fellow Dopers,
It’s been an interesting time here. I’ve been around the Dope now for a good 7 months (thanks to Boozy Squidahol PI aka Diomedes). I’ve seen the Boards during an election year, something quite… crazy to behold, I’ve also gotten to see the Dope finally go Free-to-Post, and I’ve forgotten an entire weekend on the Dope. I just wanted to say how much I’ve loved it around here- you guys are really a really fun group of people, and I’ve certainly enjoyed my stay. I always told myself that it wouldn’t last- that I’d only stick around for a little while, that I’d stop posting in Septemberwhen I started school. But lo and behold, September’s come and gone, and I’m still addicted to the Dope.

I’ve come a long way from my very first thread on “How do you shampoo your hair?” and it’s been a fun ride. I’ve even gotten over my fear of posting in the Pit! There are some really interesting conversations in there, but I still try to keep myself from insulting other posters or being too harsh, but I’m only human. But I try! I’ve also gotten to explore the Great Debates, and learned quite a bit- the Dope was invaluable for me during the elections. This was a pretty useful way to learn about the issues and the candidates, sure the board tends to lean one way- but the opposite did try to provide links, and I did try to hear things out. I used to only read Cecil’s columns (way back in 2003), and I’d never even heard of the DoperBoards! But now, I find myself thinking that the Dope is quite awesome and I can easily kill a few hours between cramming and studying by browsing the forums. And I have to thank all of you Dopers for that. Every one of you guys makes this place a really cool place to be. Be you a crazy left winger Pro-Choice Fan, a crazy right winger Ann Coulter fan or you happen to support the fabulously local Evil Dictator with the flying monkeys (and don’t even get started on the Bees with laser guns that shoot tiny blimps filled with Water Coolers of Doom!). All of you Mafia playing dopers, the whole game room forums thread, the Jackbooting Mods with the prehensile tongues and the mad doctors with druid staffs and even the trolls and socks that have flamed up in the Pit- You’ve all made me WANT to stick around and continue reading, learning and posting.
Even if I don’t agree with everyone on these boards, I certainly do enjoy learning about new and novel things (Pineapples don’t grow on trees! Who knew!). I really feel like I’ve gotten to learn a lot about many of you, and I’ve certainly gotten to hear more viewpoints that I would have ever heard without these forums.

Thanks Dopers. Every single one of you. Thank you.
This place is a pretty cool place, and I used to wonder why should I pay 14-15 bucks when I could get all this for free just by lurking- and then I could still get it for free now if I wanted, all these changes in the last 6 months alone even- FreetoPost finally came about, and a weekend was entirely forgotten and a whole new section was created. Dopers came and went and Old Dopers came again with pie! It’s been fun, and I hope the next 5-6 months will be quite awesome as well.

So thank you all again, and a huge shout out to **Diomedes/ Boozy Squidahol PI
** for bringing me over to stop my lurking by finding out which free trial user I was and covering my entry fee. I owe you a beer or two whenever I see you!

Anyways, you guys have been awesome, and I hope the good times continue, but I just felt like actually saying my thoughts rather than just thinking them (I always find myself coming up with thread topics in my head and then saying “naaah… I won’t post that” and so I’m going against my own advice and just showing some love back something that’s been so entertaining for me).

Peace, Love, and Happiness,
And just so I can make this thread SOMEWHAT less pointless than being a love fest that it’s turned into… I’d like to ask you **Dopers **for a favor (if you’re still reading this stuff):

Can you help me come up with a new Doper Name?

-When I joined, I had made up a name, but when **Boozy **covered my fee, I felt I should change my name to Roosh, which is the name I used in the Off Board StraightDope Mafia forums. So I figured it was the easiest thing to do, but that actually IS my name, and its not a fairly common one, so I’d like to change it to something a little bit less recognizable, ya know? It’s not a big deal, as I’m not really concerned by anything I’ve said on these forums, but still- I’m thinking I’d participate more if I didn’t just have my name so easily Googlable- since these boards are now open to public searches.
That said- I’m open to ANY and all name suggestions with just one little caveat:
*I’d like it to start with an R. *
Thats it.
Whatever crazy Doper name you’ve been saving up Or wishing someone would use- feel free to suggest it or mention it, and I’ll go with probably whichever ends up being the most popular one.

My little RoOshy’s all grown up… changin’ his name and movin’ on…


Wait, Roosh really is your name?

You are far cooler than I had ever thought.

Personally I am not sure that I could ever comfortably think of you as anyone other than Roosh, so I vote that you keep your name as it is. Not the answer you were looking for, I am sure, but you have one of the more interesting and distinctive names on the SDMB. Keep it.
If you are afraid of what Google will bring change that second O to a 0. No more problems.

Please keep RoOsh! Oh please oh please oh please! Do what NAF said with the zero.


This is genius.

So Genius that I should have thought of this.

Cool! Awesome name. Glad you kept it, sorta. (I mean sorta kept the name)

I kinda like Rooshian. :smiley: Makes you sound like you’d be ready to hand over a nice cold bottle of vodka.

Another vote for Ro0sh. I’ve always liked it!

Wall of text crits you for… ah, just kidding.

I like the name Roosh. It’s reminiscent of whoosh, but with more impact. I’d recommend the 0 replacement approach as well.

RoOsh is too good of a name to give up. After all the exchange of **Hostile Dialect ** getting RoOshed won’t look as good as **Hostile Dialect ** being NewUserNamed.

Heck, I recognize your name enough that I was surprised you had only been here 7 months. Keep it, I already have positive thoughts associated with seeing your name.


Hey, you changed your name!

Just don’t call yourself john jacob jingleheimer schmidt.

That’s my name.

Wow, it’s my name too!

Don’t DO that! I thought you were leaving. I’m going to give you such a pinch.

How about: Roooooosh!

I’ve decided to go with the 0 formatting.

Thanks to those who responded, and I hope I can try to keep the positive associations up. I think it mainly has to do with me staying out of the Pit. But I keep slipping. The Pit is SUCH a tempting area to be a fowl-mouthed git and just run wild with the anonymity of the web. Perhaps having my name out there will keep me more restrained.
One can only hope.