Static Electricity and Paper Cuts

The two worst things about my job. Honestly, I can take all the grease and oil and ink of running a printing press, but especially on winter days, the static electricity of the paper running through the press is a killer, not to mention the continual paper cuts (and of course we use alcohol for cleaning some of the rollers.)

So, what are two, just two, of the worst things about your job.

I used to work in a book bindry as well Euty, so I do know the feeling.

Working in technical support the first is easy. The Customer. Without them this would be the best job in the world.

The other would have to be the lack of tools that we have to do our job. I hate this. Instead of spending the time and money on putting everything in at once, they wait until something is nessecary to put in… Stupid.

Let’s see…

I work for a communication tower company, and I have to take the information that the auditors have found at the site and match it up with what’s SUPPOSED to be on the site. The first worst would have to be making multiple phone calls to tenants who are giving you the run around. The second worst is the fact that they won’t tell us that they’re going to fire us all soon, but instead make it sound like we’re going to be there for months and months. (The joys of working as a temp…)

  1. Setting up new users on the system from incorrectly filled-out forms.

  2. Having to share workspace with 2 other shifts. (Nothing is ever the way I left it when I come back into work!)

  3. Hi, Opal (even though Euty only asked for 2 items!)

Two words: sputum and stool. There ya have it.

  1. Our crappy billing system.

When we got it 16 months ago, it was supposed to be our salvation. It has become the worst bit of money that City Council ever chose to spend. But what should we expect from a council that will spend $7 million on new water meters, but only $700,000 on a new computer system to back them up?

  1. Musical Supervisors

They’re doing a big supervisor shift in my department. It’s partly good–there was one supervisor that needed to be moved–the one that was supervising the customer service clerks. She was a bookkeeper prior to becoming a supervisor. She should have been placed as the bookkeeping supervisor. The woman who was placed as the bookkeeping supervisor came from…customer service. D’oh! Now, though, the former bookkeeping supervisor is working down in my department, which is billing (they finally moved me off the customer service counter! Yay!). The billing supervisor is training her in billing. So technically, we have two supervisors in my department. It sucks. There’s only nine employees in billing. We don’t need two supervisors, especially when one of them went on a complete power trip when she got promoted. I used to love her, when she was my senior clerk. Not any more.

Static and paper cuts.
I work with paper all day too!
Try “Liquid Skin”, it stings, but it works.

The company bought an old historic building and “restored” it. My cube is in the basement.

  1. Mold on the bricks.

  2. They found Radon.

Lucky me!

Liquid Skin? - - - Use Super Glue, holds better, and doesn’t sting.

I have to work with people that don’t know the first thing about web pages.

I have to read handwriting that is WORSE than mine… so I get their page specs right. if I don’t get them right, I lose a customer. if I have to call them to clarify their reiting, my reputation goes down.

That i don’t have one

And that it pays shit.

Well, I’m currently unemployed, but I’ll use my most recent job to fill in.

  1. Very, very, VERY hot roofs.

  2. Very, very, VERY hard to remove tar.

Guess what I used to do.

[li]Having to fire someone you suspect is a potential psychopath.[/li][li]Trying to find a good reason not to fire a contractor who’s been on the job three weeks and who’s missed five days so far and plans to take half a day off tomorrow for another doctor’s appointment.[/li][/ol]

I work as a computer lab assistant and at any one time I have control over 50 students that need help.

  1. I absolutely cannot stand when a student asks how to open a web page. I thought EVERYONE knew how to do at least this much.

  2. The fact that I’ve let my boss know I’ll do anything for her. I’ll work 6 hours one night, go into different buildings to work, work overtime for free. Ughh and to think at one time I liked my job.

(1)The people I work with. (From the sanctimonious, hateful “Christian” co-workers to my useless, pathetic excuse for a boss to the brain-dead individuals who call me every single night to ask me the exact same questions about the exact same things that they should already know how to do in the first place!)

(2)The fact that I get to run to the bathroom once per night–IF Security isn’t too busy to let me go! Otherwise, I am trapped in this very small office all night long!