STDs, you BITCH!

This is the first thing in my life I’ve ever wanted to start a pit thread about. Everybody, stand back…

A month ago, I discovered that my husband has had an affair (a topic deserving of a pit thread all its own) which is now over. I was at our family doctor yesterday and the woman at the counter who was “helping” me was such a slow, lazy bitch. At the end of my appt., I told her that hubby had had an appt. that day which he had missed…could we reschedule? Lots of eye-rolling and huffing followed. When we finally get the appt. set, she says, “Now, what were we seeing him for?” I just stood there and looked at her for a long, hard minute trying to decide how to answer. She could have looked at the roster for the day and found out what the appt. had been for. Something. I don’t know. Finally, between clenched teeth, I say, “an std check.” She just rolled her eyes again and put it in the computer.

Now, I realize that 99.99% of my anger on this topic is directed at my husband. But, having to say it OUT-LOUD to this lazy bitch (when she was just too lazy to look it up) in front of the full waiting room just made me want to beat her ass. My wounds are salty enough, thanks. I hate her. I hate him. I hate the other woman. I hate this. :mad:

And I hate it that the SDMB doesn’t have a F— You “smilie” or a I’m Going to Kick Your Ass “smilie,” although I’m not sure what either of those would look like

damn. What a sucky day for you.

Damn. damn.

I can’t think of anything that would be even remotely comforting.

I sure am sorry you had to go through that, just the same.

Well, I’ve not tried… But… Assuming that images are not blocked here (Though I’m betting they are), here is your F— You Smilie:

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Preview is my friend

Perhaps I should stop killing my friends and cooking them for dinner…

Which sounds like your husband deserves. Actually your husband and my ex should get together… I’m sure they could retire and live quite happily on the dividends paid to them by the Cops tv show…

Hey, that’s GREAT! I need to steal that!

Oh… and sorry about your idiot husband, by the way. Time to look for a new doctor, perhaps?

Wang-Ka, steal away… They are all posted free for the taking at the Ultimately pointless Website:

And doughnut, aside from my flippant remarks earlier, I feel for you… I truly do. And I also truly hope, for your sake that the reason you were at this particular doctor turns all right.

He was fooling around on you and not wearing a condom? Sonofabitch. Talk about adding injury to insult. I hope all turns out well for both of you (him because I don’t want him to infect you - I don’t really care if his weeny rots off).

forbidden doughnut, you have my best wishes that all turns out well; medically and in your relationship.

I don’t suppose this helps you now, but couldn’t you have just said “blood test” and not been specific?

Not that she wasn’t being lazy; she was.

I hope it turns out ok.

Cessandra, being tested for STDs doesn’t just involve a blood test, it also involves a q-tip swab in the urethra. doughnut, if it’s any consolation – the swab test is incredibly painful. You might want to offer the doctor $50 to drop the first swab on the floor and have to take a second one… :slight_smile:

Oh. I’ve only been tested at the OB/GYN, and they did so many different tests, I guess I didn’t know which were which.

To the OP: If you’re an American, and you run into a situation like that again, smile sweetly and ask if she really wants to commit a HIPAA (pronounced like “hippo” but with an “uh” sound on the end) violation. Any health care office right now is dealing with having to learn about the new health information privacy rules, which have to be in place by April 15.

Thank you all. He was, actually, wearing a condom but I want him tested anyways. Logically, I know the chances are very remote but still…I especially like the “drop the swab” idea!

We are going to try to work it out. Our little boy turns 1 in a few weeks. I don’t believe in “staying together for the kids” but I do believe in at least trying for his sake. That’s my standing as of this minute. In an hour, I may be of the mind to hurry up and get a divorce while he’s still little and won’t really remember us being together. It’s so tempting. You know things are baaaad when you know it would be easier to just get a divorce and move on. But we’ll be married for 10 years in May so I guess that’s worth trying to save.

I’m thinking I will complain about her (the office lady…not the other woman) to the office manager. If she is the office manager, report her to the doctor. I don’t really want to change docs…we’ve been going to him for 10 years.

thanks all…

This is very true. I am dealing with HIPAA-inspired headaches on a daily basis right now. In fact, it might not be bad idea to call the office and speak to someone in charge to let them know about the incident.

Well, her rolling her eyes rates a toungue-lashing.

But if you don’t want to tell a receptionist about it, just say “I’d rather tell the doctor”. I’ve done it a couple of times. They don’t seem to mind.

Forbidden, I am so sorry you are having to go through this. :frowning:
However, do not, I repeat, do not stay together “for the kids.” This is what my mother did, and it ended with a 911 call, my dad throwing dresser drawers down the hall, and us spending several nights under a different name in a hotel because the police told us all he left with were hs guns.
No, he was not abusive towards us before, but the “stress of the relationship just got to him.” :rolleyes:
Believe me, kids know when things are wrong between their parents, no matter how much you try to gloss over it.
Just thought you might, for some reason, like to know my perspective! :wink:

Yeah, definitely do that. A good doc is hard to find. I’m sure that the doc will want to know that she’s violating patient confidentiality. She DOES need to know what sort of stuff the patient needs to be seen for, so she can block out the proper amount of time, but I think that she went about it the wrong way. Not to mention the eye-rolling. It’s quite unprofessional to roll eyes in the public view.

As for your HUSBAND…I could say so very many things, but then I’d have to warn myself. I’ll just content myself with saying DON’T let him get away with it again. If he does it again, leave him.

I don’t know that I would let him get away with it this time. How can you ever trust him again?

I suggest you move out and get some space. I’m not sure you can do much rational thinking with him in the same house.

Well I hope all goes well. Once when I was married my wife came home saying she had an STD. One of the curable kinds thank god but still. She blamed it on me, of which I hadn’t been with anyone else in years and before we were married. Then she told me that she was told she probably got it from a toilet seat. At the time I was dumb enough to believe her.

Fast forward a year or so when I find the SDMB and the articles, one of them being about how there have been no cases of STDs being caught from a toilet. So I feel for ya.

Damn straight; condoms, even if they work perfectly, don’t prevent everything. Herpes and HPV are transmitted by skin contact, not bodily fluuid exchange. You should both get tested!

Good luck.