Stealing candy from a baby.

That was so easy, it was like “stealing candy from a baby.”

Except…babies don’t really eat candy, do they? Don’t most people feed babies either milk, baby formula, or (later) baby food in jars?

I have never in my life seen a baby eating candy.

“Baby” can actually mean a child up to, say, 5 years of age.

“Baby” in popular venacular can also mean young toddlers which do like candy.

You’re having an attack of the literals. Get a pillow, and a cup of tea and lay back.

Sample literature on the subject. Note that most of these have been peer reviewed.

But won’t most children fight to keep their candy? That actually sounds like a fairly daunting task.

Sample literature on the subject. Note that live trials have yet to commence.

Mythbusters did this a couple seasons ago.

You can steal ice cream from a child, if you plan your getaway right.

Louis CK and a child

No, evidently they’ll start crying like…you guessed it –babies.

Photographer Jill Greenberg did a spread on young children crying up a storm which led to many questioning how she achieved such an authentic display. Her technique? Offer the children candy and then abruptly take it back from them.

The results can be found here.

The real question is: What’s easier to do? Take candy from a baby or take Tabasco from a baby?

Based on my own experience, it’s actually harder to take Tabasco from a baby. Toddlers know two words: “No!” and “Mine!” If they glom on to something they like (or think they like), it’s a bitch to get it away from them. That Tabasco would light their nose hair on fire is secondary; a toddler who thinks the bottle is interesting will fight to keep it. However, they tend to share food, so they may give up their candy willingly.

Stealing candy from a baby is easy until they catch on to the safe keeping method of sticking it in their hair.

That’s when you kneecap the little bastards.

IMO, one of the most fun things you can do involving candy and a baby is to give a baby his/her first taste of cotton candy! Obviously, you have to wait until the baby is 1YO or thereabouts. Then you tear off a bit of cotton candy, pop it into the baby’s mouth, and watch as they first smile at the sweetness of it, then get all flustered and confused because it just. . .disappeared! :stuck_out_tongue:

As usual the Family Circus has already touched on this issue

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*The Simpsons *also.

There is a distinct lack of youtube videos, unfortunately.

that one wasn’t so easy.

Sure babies don’t eat candy - and thus would be easier to steal from, since they are less vigilant about protecting said candy, should they find themselves in possession of such a comestible.

Now if the saying was “easy as stealing a binky from a baby”, first hand experience would compel me to call bullshit.