Steam Controller help needed; Rocket League related

So Blue Elk and Moe took up Rocket League last spring. The new WoW xpac is (IMO) pretty ddamned easy stuff and kinda boring, plus I wanted something that could be played in short bursts (PvP queues in WoW are waaaaaaay too long now eh), so I started playing back in September.

So last night I’m playing for like 2 hours just fine :D, using my Steam Controller (SC) like I always do, when outta nowhere it just stops working. It’s on, but the game isn’t seeing it no matter what I push. I mash buttons for a few seconds checking this and the screen changes. It looked like I was in Big Picture Mode (BPM), but zoomed way in. I could not get out of that screen and could not get the mouse cursor to appear at all. After maybe 20 seconds, it just closed or went away by itself, and I was back in Steam. Rocket League was closed.

I was able to more or less replicate that 3 or 4 times. Open the game, turn on my controller, try and get past the “Press Any Button To Start” splash page but unable. Holding the Steam button down had something to do with invoking the BPM zoom mode screen, but I don’t know if I was shutting that down with my button mashing or if it was crashing on its own.


All of this was on my Mac Pro. But I also have a laptop that I play on, and I’ve always been able to use my SC there as well; just need the Bluetooth dongle eh. So I put the dongle on the ProBook, fire it up, start the game, turn on the SC and… exact same thing, but I can’t invoke the BPM zoom screen of death.

Then I notice that, yeah, the SC works: it’s moving the selection in Steam. I can scroll up and down and hit PLAY. But Rocket League isn’t seeing the SC. And somehow it’s that way on both of my computers.

What did I do and how do I fix it?

I figured it out.

I was able to play Grid 2 on my laptop with the SC. I went back RL and went to Options>Controls; the last item is USE STEAM INPUT (BETA) with a drop down box that had Off and Auto. Mine was set to Off, so I changed it to Auto. The controller rumbled and everything worked fine.

I shut that down, put the dongle back on my Mac Pro, open RL and WOOT! The SC works. I check Options>Controls and now the USE STEAM INPUT (BETA) drop box has 3 options: Off, Auto and Steam Controller.

I don’t recall ever changing that setting back when I started playing Rocket League and I have no idea how I changed it last night while I was playing the game, but I’m glad to get to being that one really terrible player that you play with. :smiley:

Ok, I got it part figured out.

I can now use the SC to scroll thru the menu and queue up. In a game, I can pause and scroll up and down and select stuff using the A button.

But I have no control in game. I can’t steer, can’t jump, boost, etc. I can’t even skip the replays. All I can do is pause and then use this menus.

What the heck did I do?

ETA: Options>Controls>View/Change Bindings is now swapping out to a new SC configuration window instead of just giving me the next window in Options where you can set Key Bindings.