Steam's 5-day-long 1-day only sale

Hope it doesn’t look like I’m shilling for Steam or anything, just wanted to let people out there know that there appear to be some great deals available over the next 5 days.

Steam is having 5 days worth of 24-hour sales on a series of games, with what’s for sale changing every day, with most games 50-75% off.

Starting today, they’ve got:

GRID (racing game) $7.49
Batman: Arkham Asylum $24.99
Far Cry 2: Fortune’s edition (game + DLC) $9.99
Osmos $2 (looks like a quirky puzzle game, 81 metascore)
Champions Online $19.99
Fallen Earth $24.99

A LucasArts premier pack, which contains 16 games for $49.99

And the THQ complete pack which contains a ridiculous amount of stuff for $49.99. Including Company of heroes with 2 expansions, all 3 red faction games, the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Saints Row 2, Titan Quest + Expansion, both Warhammer 40,000 games plus 2 expansions, Full specturm warrior + expansion, frontlines: fuel of war, and Juiced 2: Hot import nights, whatever that is. That’s a crazy amount of gaming value - individually those would all cost $389 and they’re here for $50. I’m only half-interested in some of the games but I feel like I can’t turn down a deal like that.

Edit: If you end up buying a game as part of a package that you already own, you can gift the game away to other people on steam. So if you buy ie the thq complete pack but already have Saints Row 2, and you don’t have anyone to gift it to, feel free to post it to this thread to find someone to give it to.

Dibs on the THQ pack! I don’t really have too much money to waste but, damn, how can I pass that up? Also, Osmos has a demo so you can try it before committing those 200 cents.

Oh geez, that THQ pack is tempting. A few months ago I got the 2K Games pack for only $50, and that included:
-Civ4 and all expansions
-Freedom Force 1 & 2
-All X-com games
-CivCity Rome
-Shattered Union
-Railroad Tycoon 2 & 3
-Sid Meier’s Railroads
-Sid Meier’s Pirates

I’d say I’ve sunk at least 300 hours into those games alone. These packs are a great deal no matter how you slice it.

I am downloading Far Cry 2 at this moment. I loved the look of Far Cry and am looking forward to seeing how second one looks, even if the game play is supposed to be not great…

I’ consider the THQ package but I just don’t have the time to try all those games…

I kind of want to try the ID super pack too. It has about 25 games, including a lot of the classics.
Also, I downloaded the Osmos demo and I couldn’t get it to run. So take that into consideration before buying it.

I’m not what you could call a PC gamer. How do you hear about these deals? Is there a twitter feed?

They mostly pop up when you start the Steam software.

The THQ pack is a pretty great deal, but I should point out that if you already own games in the pack and buy the whole thing, you DO NOT get to gift the extra copies. They are simply lost. That sort of gift option is only available for Valve game packs. The OP’s example is incorrect. This is the official page on the matter.

That being said, I picked it up even though I already owned three of the games in the pack. Still a great deal.

Ah, my bad. I passed out some Valve games before and I assumed it worked for any package. That’s too bad.

The 5 individual day sales format is driving me nuts. I don’t have much money to spend on games now, so I’m worried I’ll end up getting the THQ pack and then tomorrow for sale will be the AWESOMEST GAME PACK EVER for another $50 and then I’ll buy that and be broke and on day 3 every game I ever wanted will be 75% off.

That THQ pack is compelling. There’s a lot of I’d-like-to-play-that-sometime stuffed in there all together.

Thanks for the heads-up. I even had Steam running and I’d have missed this completely.

I suspect that’s what they’re counting on.

The Arkham Asylum is really tempting, but I think I’ll pass. But I’ll keep an eye out and see what I absolutely can’t go without over the next few days.

A not-insignificant reason I haven’t purchased any of those mega-packs is I already own most of the ‘great’ titles on each of the respective lists. Purchased at full price, I’m understandably a little grumpy at the whole process. :stuck_out_tongue:

The THQ pack was a bust. Wish I hadn’t bought it. I haven’t figured out how to run Dawn of War or Red Faction yet. Company of Men worked but I don’t see myself getting too much gameplay out of it.

What do you mean? Technical problems running the games?

Anyway, I noticed that the TMQ pack was the top selling game/package on steam, so that forced my hand and I had to get it. This way when I’m learning the new games, there will be an influx of new players because of the this sale and I can get matched up against people with a similar level of experience in the games.

Only 6 hours left if anyone is interested, then we get a new sale.

If anyone is interested in learning the new RTS games together, by the way, send me a message on steam. My ID is senorbeef, and you can also find me through the SDMB steam group. I’m probably going to start with Company of Heroes.

Today’s new games:
Dead Space $15
Majesty 2 $10
Mini Ninjas $15
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic $2.50
Left 4 Dead 2 $37.50
Medballs in Babo: Invasion $2
Cities XL Limited Edition $25

Looks like you can still get the THQ pack and the LucasArts pack.

This is all online stuff? Not game you purchase to run on game systems?

It’s for for PC digital download service/social community steam. It’s probably the biggest PC game retailer out there now.

Their billing system needs some work. It wouldn’t let me put a billing address in a country that I don’t live in. I finally had to say that I lived in the great state of New Hampshire, Japan. Wonder if that’s gonna cause purchase problems down the road.