Steel door bottom

So I have these plastic things that slide into the under surface of a couple of steel exterior doors. They are falling apart. I am trying to replace them, and have bought about 6 different ones, none of which fit. Can someone steer me to a location where I can get some. I think they must be quite generic, and yet I cannot find them.


I believe they are called thresholds.;_ylt=A0LEVjBXICtVd8EAkHQnnIlQ?p=door+threshold&fr=&fr2=piv-web&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-002

The threshold is the hard metal or wood bit attached to the door-sill or floor.

The part in the OP picture is called a Door Bottom Seal. It usually mates with a threshold, but can just drag on the floor

Door sweeps are normally on outdoor doors and meant to take up the gap between the door bottom and the threshold. They stop cold or hot air from getting into your home.

Yes, they are usually generic, you should be able to buy them at any hardware or big box home improvement store.

You don’t mention exactly what part doesn’t fit. There are three “fit” dimensions: the width (of the door) - for that you normally trim yourself at home with scissors or a hacksaw, 2) the door thickness - this you need to specify when you buy it, 3) the height of the sweeps; the space from the door bottom to the threshold. Normally, you need to specify that when you buy it, although some may be adjustable. If the new one’s too tight then the door won’t close. If too much space, then there’s no seal and it’s useless.

If none of the generic ones fit, then I’d try:

  1. Contact the maker of whatever generic brand you’ve found, they likely have a generic unit that isn’t carried by your local store (this is your best bet). They can either reco. a different store or may be able to sell you one online. Although the Home Depots of the world carry a big selection, they still only carry the most common sizes of things.
  2. Try to contact the door manufacturer, there’s usually a stamp or plate somewhere on a door side. The door maker may sell spare parts.
  3. If those don’t work, hardware stores also sell single blade sweeps that are designed to be mounted by screwing into the back of the door. They fit any door. If you look up “Door Sweeps” at the HD website, this style comes up first.
  4. Lastly, your final option would be to get a new threshold. You can buy thresholds with a soft vinyl piece that extends up to contact the door bottom.

I ended up doing option 3 for mine. I had a quite old non-standard thickness door and couldn’t find any sweeps that fit. Easy to mount on the inside of the door, works perfect.

Good luck

go to the biggest big box home improvement store you have, Lowes or Home Depot, talk to the sales people they may know of what to get, even something not normally stocked at that store.

as mentioned there are single blade sweeps that can be added. all alone they aren’t very good, in addition to an under door seal (even a failing one) they can help.

Is this a door in your home or at work? If it is a commercial door at work, Home Depot isn’t the place to go. You want an architectural hardware supplier, they will have everything you need for steel doors. They will likely have a much better selection of products for residential doors as well.

The commercial door sweeps I am familiar with are a two part system. There is a bracket that is inside the door and fastened with screws. The sweep hangs from this on a bow of spring steel. Eventually the spring fails and the sweep starts dangling. The whole assembly fits in from the bottom of the door, the screws that hold it in place will either be inside the bottom of the door on either side, but can also be found on the outside edge of the door.

Residential doors usually have a sweep that fits over the bottom of the door and is fastened with surface screws. These are indeed fairly generic, but some are much, much better than others. Most of them will be designed to fit snugly over a 1 3/4" thick door.

Thank you so much for the advice. Using the hint that most doors have a sticker I searched for one, and found it painted over, and therefore almost invisible. Scratched off the paint and found Pease Doors. Went to their website and found the sweep that I needed, clearly an exact match. So I ordered it.

Knowing to look for a sticker was the key. I looked hard and found it, once that I knew that it should be there.