Weather striping question.

All my exterior doors have weather stripping on the bottom which is wearing out. I believe this is kerf style weather stripping but do not see an easy way to remove and replace it as there are visible fasteners.

I am also going to replace my front door threshold. It is a double door set and the metal threshold needs to be 73 inches, and I can only find 72 inches. Can i make the aluminum threshold from two 36 inch pieces or is this for some reason not a good idea.

It likely is just pushed into a channel. If you pull on it, it’ll either pull straight out or slide to one side.

As for the threshold, I don’t see why you couldn’t put two of them together. Just make sure line them up really well and right before putting the second one in, I’d fill it with caulk or minimally expanding Great Stuff so there’s something there to bridge the gap.

On the other hand, putting two 36" thresholds together will still only get you 72, inches, so there’s that.

I’d be concerned about water infiltrating the gap if you butt two thresholds together, since you can’t caulk the gap on the outside (it will interfere with the door). I see some 73 inch thresholds on Amazon:

Thanks for the information.