Exterior Door Threshold

We are having someone replace our exterior door sill. It is 73 inches by about 8 inches (includes an extension). The people who are replacing it are trying to use an aluminum saddle sill that seems made for interior doors. It does not have the slightly higher wood component, just flat aluminum. To raise it somewhat they are shimming it inside by about 3/4 inches. This just seems plain wrong to me.

I have pictures but have not figured out how to make them accessible.

And where can I find a proper exterior sill 73 x 8 inches?

The exterior sill will have the sealing bulb on top. Better ones will have adjustment screws that can raise the seal to meet the door. Interior doors do not use thresholds at all.


This has no sealing bubble or dam. just flat aluminum.

I have seen those used as replacements for old door styles where the door itself has a sealing flap and there is not enough room for a threshold with seal. Measure under the door and buy a threshold that is designed for that height. they will have a range listed.

This one fits a gap from 7/8 to 1 /14". The center portion with the bulb moves up and down although I like the versions where you do not have to remove the rubber to adjust. The extension complicates things, you need one that an extension clips onto.