Steelers going to have to simplify offense.

Big Ben hit his head in a motorcycle accident. No helmet.

Does this mean I get to be like all the Bengal fans and cry that someone pulled out in front of him on purpose?

HA…you Raisin fans could be so lucky :smiley:

Ben’s all right with no serious injury…apparently he failed to obey the #1 law of driving in 'da Burgh: The Pittsburgh Left.

All 3 network affiliates in Pittsburgh cut from afternoon programming to cover the story, as if the president was in the hospital (check that…the Steelers quarterback is more important than the president :wink: ) if you want to point and laugh at what happens to people when they take sports too seriously.

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is in serious but stable condition and in surgery this afternoon following a serious head injury this morning after his motorcycle collided with a car on Second Avenue near the 10th Street Bridge, police said.

Roethlisberger lost most of his teeth, fractured his left sinus cavity bone, suffered a nine-inch laceration to the back of his head and a broken jaw, and severely injured both of his knees when he hit the ground, police said.
A plastic surgeon has been summoned. ‘He is right now in the (operating room) undergoing some surgery from injuries he received in this accident today,’ said Dr. Larry Jones, chief of trauma and burns at Mercy Hospital, Uptown. … He was talking to me before he left for the OR. He’s coherent. He’s making sense. He knows what happened.’
Not really “no serious injury”

Wow. Lost most of his teeth! For some reason that just sticks with me the most.


I liked Steelers better without any teeth anyway. Jack Lambert on offense… cool.

Here’s hoping Ben’s recovery is swift and complete.