Stereotypes you love !

After reading Phlosphr’s interesting thread, Phlosphr dispels a myth: help me with stereotypes you hate! I started thinking about stereotypes you actually like.

Mine: I’m a full-time uni student, but studying by correspondence. Almost everyone who hears this is amazed at my self-discipline, maturity and obvious dedication. :smiley:
In reality, I’m an extremely lazy procrastinator who doesn’t enjoy ‘team-work’, works better on my own and strongly detests the amount of time wasted attending uni (in terms of commuting, waiting around for the next lecture and assigned lunchtimes).

I’m not above using this stereotype to my advantage when applying for jobs.

Whether you’ve used them for your own gain, or to poke fun at others or for any other reason, tell me the stereotypes you have liked, or found amusement in, at one point in time, and why. I hope to hear that at least some good/fun can come from stereotyping.

That tall, skinny guys with big feet have big c:) cks

I personally like the one about Asian guys being totally asexual and having tiny penii. With the bar set so low, I can’t help but be impressive. :slight_smile:

people wearing glasses are intelligent


I use the “dumb blonde” stereotype to my advantage on a regular basis…as in “Gee, officer, I had no idea I was speeding - my odometer must be broken…” :wink:

The way that an English accent seems refined to certain Americans can be useful, and I susspect is due to their steriotype of English people.

I dunno. As an Asian with big feet my lady friends (this one time while they were drunk) were going on about how “big” I might be (no porn star here though).

The Asian stereotype of being smart works in my favor. I’m not stupid but I don’t have the discipline to sit down and study boring things. I’m good with computers and mechanical things and I get extra recognition because I’m japanese.

Hard-drinking, prize-fighting, short-tempered Irishmen.

Oh, yeah. :smiley:

I’m Canadian and I like the Canadian stereotype, eh.

Not for any particularly beneficial reason, I just think its hilarious. You know, us drinking beers up here in our igloos :smiley:

Sssh! My mom will figure out why I’ve been attracted to tall, skinny guys with big feet all these years.

I like the one where people assume I’m rich because I own a horse. The reality is, I’m poor because it’s so %$#! expensive to own a horse.

Sounds like your mom has been keeping secrets, too.:smiley:

No, my mom hasn’t figured out the secret yet… she’s still married to my dad, who is 5’6" and a size 7E.

It was really embarrassing though, the time I was out with my 6’4", 190 lb, size 12W ex and one of his friends… the whole time, his friend kept asking me, “Come on - is he really hung like a giraffe? You can tell me. Is he?”

I like the stereotype that being a COLLEGE student means you are disciplined, hardworking, motivated, and ambitious. In truth, I’m lazy, procrastinating, confused and indecisive, but when people ask what I am doing and I reply “college” they give me an “ah!” of pleased respect. Particularly growing up in a family where going to college was expected/assumed, I think things have worked well for me :slight_smile:

Gee, I’m only 6’ 2", 170 lbs, with size 11.5.

I feel, so, so, … inadequate.

But, I guarantee you that your mom knows the tru… uh, stereotype. It is your dad from whom you must keep the secret.

But, you can let me in on a secret. How do you get that “originally posted by” line?

Whoops, forgot to say why. I just find it sexy, I guess.

I’m a tall, skinny redhead with big feet. Hellooooooo, ladies.

It comes up automatically when I click the quote button on the post I want to quote. New stereotype: short, busty redheads are better at manipulating message boards. You think it’ll help me meet guys?

In my research the stereotype has been mostly true. Mostly. Admittedly I’m working with a limited sample. The real reason I like tall, skinny guys is more because… I dunno, I’m into gangliness. My ex gangled all over the place. Too bad he’s a jerk. There’s a guy that I see occasionally now who, despite being tall and skinny, doesn’t quite gangle, so I don’t know if it’s going anywhere. Yes, even my friends think I’m weird.

I admit it…I use the stereotype that women are bad drivers to my advantage. I give the my stupid-girl-driver-saying-she’s-sorry wave immediately after cutting someone off or pulling out in front of them. Of course, I’m not that great of a driver, and it just gives me a reason to slack off and never try to improve.

And then there’s that “Red on the head, fire in the bed” stereotype that my boyfriend’s father told him about when he first saw me… :eek:

My friends and I have a lot of fun with the “Irish people are crazy drunks who love potatoes and speak like pirates” stereotype. Some of my friends are of Irish descent, some aren’t, but it’s good for a lot of fun.

Really?! I thought it the lazy bit was the stereotype! :stuck_out_tongue:

As part of the engineer stereotype/clique, I get to go “Oh shiny!” at new toys.