Steve Bannon was banned from Twitter

He said that Dr. Fauci, and FBI director Christopher Wray, should be beheaded.

Nope, nope, nope, don’t even joke about that.


Does Twitter prevent banned users from coming back as socks?

Now do @realdonaldtrump!

Kathy Griffin recently reposted the severed head image of Trump on twitter. Should she also be banned?

I’m expecting that to happen at 12:01 p.m. on Jan. 20. He’s so totally violated Twitters rules, the only reason they haven’t long since banned him is because he’s prez and “newsworthy”.

Sure, why not if it violates Twitter policies? But to be fair, she wasn’t calling for Trump to be beheaded, nor was anyone likely to assume she was, whereas Bannon calling for violence against people simply refusing to kowtow to Trump falls into the “turbulent priest” area of incitement.

Does Bannon look like he owns more than one pair of socks? I doubt the pair he wears even match.

He doesn’t look like he owns more than one pair of underwear.

You’re welcome. :grimacing:

Why assume he even wears one pair?

I assume he doesn’t wear socks and is an athletes foot super spreader.

He looks like a superspreader of every disease known to man.

I’d be OK with that too. She definitely killed her career when she did that. (I never thought she was funny, either.)

Not long after he was appointed to whatever position he once held, someone said that he looked like your alcoholic uncle who always smells vaguely of vomit.

My question about Bannon and socks seems to have gotten quite a response. Apropos, there’s this:

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Bannon should be banned from the human race.

Also, his legal team just quit
A bad day for Bannon is a good day for America.

I’m trying to recall what Bannon is in court for. Was it campaign finance violations? Being within 500 feet of an elementary school or playground? …

I could’ve sworn it was egregious pseudo-intellectualism. If it isn’t a crime, it ought to be, simply to get rid of Bannon.


But I would like to remind you that Kathy Griffin has never held the position of senior advisor to the President of the United States and while she is a public figure she’s a comedian* not a politician or political consultant.

It’s totally not the same thing.

*By profession. I don’t think she’s particularly funny and I found the Trump severed head thing particularly unfunny, but that’s what she does for a living.