Steve Vai Speaks

Basically a motivational session interspersed with his song “Whispering A Prayer” about how he achieved success and his advice to other aspiring musicians. Pretty cool. Link to other Vai “speaking session” videos too, one of which I am watching now. Say what you will, dude is a practiced technician and has absolute mastery over the electric guitar.

Anyway, check it out:

Nice! Thanks!

I have little comment on Vai’s motivational lecture. Steve did very well through a combination of incredibly hard work sustained over many years, but also some little amount of luck, like anyone else who “makes it” in music. Or in other fields, I’m sure. I bet he payed his dues in spaids.
That said, what’s with the green blob of putty on his neck pickup? [/guitar gearhead hijack]

When you use the whammy to make the stings go slack, they can sometimes catch under the lip of the pickup on the way back.

Most guys use tape.

That’s tape on his.

Vai is definitely master of the electric guitar and can play anything that comes into his mind, no doubt. I just don’t like whats in his mind most times. The piece he’s playing throughout that interview is very dull to me.

Vai uses a whammy bar?

No Way!