Stick your zip code up your anus.

I hate when sites ask you for your zip. It’s like the creators don’t fathom that someone from beyond the US might want to participate in the site. In that case why be on the *world wide *web?

No thank you. Fours are pointy.

Use 97420, which is Coos Bay, Oregon. I like it because it’s a dope reference–I’m juvenile like that. Win! I use that one for those nosy ass sites that want demographic info–fuck you, web site, I’ll do what I want! :smiley:

I have used 90210 on occasion but I don’t like lying anymore.


I just like using 5 random numbers. If they have a filter only allowing “legit” zip codes I’ll just try again.

Don’t you wacky Europeans have some weird alphanumeric postal code or is that just those crazy Canucks?

Not here really. In Dublin areas are numbered 1 to 24 but that’s not the whole of the county, just the city. I live in Dublin but have no number.

Well then, your problem isn’t with websites asking for a zip. It’s with weird cities that offer you none. Come on, Dublin, get with the program! :wink:

That’s a coincidence: I have no mouth, but I must scream.

It’s an annoying aspect of the stupid America-centrism of some webmasters. It’s easy enough to lie but writing condescending emails is so much more amusing, especially if you mention that while the Internet was invented in America, the Web was invented in Switzerland.

Trying to enter anything other than a ZIP code in a ZIP code box is a craps shoot - they’re frequently not set up to accept a) more than 5 characters, b) non-numeric characters, or c) anything that’s not a valid ZIP code.

Hey! Good news!

You just might join the rest of us with your own special alphanumeric tag very soon.

In that case, they really don’t deserve the demographic data they’re trying to collect, do they? Here’s some famous ones, other than 90210:

10036 - Times Square, New York
33139 - South Beach, Miami, FL
60611 - Gold Coast, Chicago, IL

It’s not just webmasters.

When i entered grad school here in the US, i had to fill out a card with family contact information. Despite the fact that my grad school is a world-renowned institution with hundreds of students and faculty from foreign countries, the computer-readable card could only take US zip codes and phone numbers, or at least numbers in exactly the same format as American ones.

I have never come across a site that asked for one, except for those from which I am making a purchase, and then it is part of my mailing address.

32765 - RNATB’s house. Pretend you’re a guest. :slight_smile:


09501 US Fleet Post Office (NY)

20500, to mess up the demographics further

It’s not even just American sites. I failed to make a purchase from a German editor, because their site refused to accept anything other than a six-digit postal code. You’d think somebody would have realised the problem with that one while developing the site!

I thank this show every time I’ve tried to fill up a hire car and pay by card when on holiday in the States. It’s not like the code matches with my French card in anyway so I don’t see why they need it !