Still as Tipsy as a Drunken Mule

Just like inthis thread, the good ole monkey is drinking again. Yet, the experiment failed on my last attempt! Oh yeah, what was the experiment? For those to lazy to click over, its like this: There are members of the SDMB who are serious to know what its like to be drunk, but not so curious as to spend 40 bucks to find out. In our self appointed quest to fight ignorance of all kinds, I volunteered to get drunk and post the results on this message board. I got drunk and vomited. I can see I’m going to need help on this one, so I implore other members of the SDMB to join in and enjoy er --Research along alongside the Great MonkeyMule :cool:

OK, MonkeyMule, it’s two hours now. You mean to tell us you’re still not drunk? Either you have an incredible tolerance for alcohol, or you’re just not drinking fast enough! :slight_smile:

[sub]Duke, who’s currently trying his own drinking experiment[/sub]

Well, I’ve cleared out about 1 1/2 bottles of red wine since this afternoon, and not much has happened*

*except a rousing go with my husband and pictures of me in my ren faire bodice resulting in some nice cleavage shots (hey! I can swim in between those!) and pizza for dinner. Yeah. Good enough for me.

Ah, yes!

My ol’ drunken monkey friend!

:: rubs hands ::
Let the haranguing ensue.

Still awake, MonkeyMule?

Damn momkeys can’t handle their lickah.

momkeys is not a word.

40 bucks?


Tell you what, next time give me the 40 bucks, and we’ll both get drunk.

The following will be typed mostly w/o corrections, just so ya know…

I went out tonight & got drunk… Wnt out with my friend and her boyfriuend to Mahnhattan & got some vodka & cannberruiws. Three or four. I’m a cheap deate. apparently.I ownr them a crapload of money though… Him, actually, as he paid for all my drinsk. Gonna re-pay it next weekend when I got see her at her bartending job. And I won’t drink as much, I think. I can’t ddrink like I used to, being almosr 25, now. :wink:

Speaking odf, I fucking flirted with a 17 year old on the cab ride hom! I mean, I didn’t know h was 17 when I was flrting with him, but when he tolf me, I was chagrined. Not good. oh well, I stopped when he toldme his age.

And that’s thw story of my night, and boy am I gonna feel like an ass when I see this tomeooorow./ It’ll be a deterrent.

G’night as…//. “All”, I mean. G’night all.

I think Cosmo wins. But that’s just because I won’t be around a computer tomorrow night. Ensenada here I come!


Neither is lickah, but I can handle that…:wink:

[Small Hijack]

When I was in radio back in the 70’s I used to get drunk on the air (1 ounce of booze every 30 minutes, I think it was) to point out the hazards of drunk driving and how short a time it took to get plastered. We had a cop in the studio to do a breathalizer on me and we’d report the results to the audience.

Well, don’t look at me like that! I did it as a public service! :smiley:

Sure was fun though. :wink:

[/small hijack]


Johnny Fever??? Is that YOU???

[sub]I hope I’m not the only one who remembers that episode.[/sub]

  • Jackelope, who’s had a few tonight himself, but is nowhere near loaded enough to start a thread about it.


Hang on Jackelope…how can it be tonight for you in Memphis and tonight for me in Melbourne at the same time??

At least ONE of us doesn’t know what day it is. :smiley:

Probably because it’ll be before a couple of hours or so before dawn in Memphis, kambuckta. That’s still part of the night, in theory. :slight_smile:

Just to add – when you’re plastered, who cares anyway? :slight_smile:

Ahhh, Icey. The voice of reason in the alcoholic haze that permeates this board on Saturday ‘nights’…it’s you folk who live in the non-normal time zones who are able to enlighten the rest of us!!

However, back to drunken rants… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Excuse me a moment …


Only because, dear kambuckta, I usually chose a Sunday when I want to get blot, not a Saturday.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Okay, back to th’ abnormal programme … :slight_smile:

In other words, you’re shit-faced like me tonight…right? This could make for some very interesting conversations.

So, how are YOU doing Icey??..


Heh. Ask me that in about 24 hours time, cousin. I’ll laugh even more manaically then. :smiley:

You’ve been partaking tonight, along with th’ locals around here? Dang, your sense o’ timing’s better than mine, cuz. :slight_smile: