Still no America's Next Top Model Thread?

I am a bit perplexed that I haven’t seen a thread for this show yet. The show’s been on for 5 weeks and there hasn’t been a thread

It’s on Tuesday nights, a bunch of girls vying for a modeling contract with Revlon, Tyra Banks as host, judge, and executioner. Each week one girl gets canned.

I will start by saying I am smitten with Elyse, and Robyn is a total (homophobe!) bitch. Who’s going to win?

Adrienne. (Although she seems stoned all the time, I don’t think that’s the case. But she is the pro out of all of them. I personally think Elyse is actually the best, but I really just want her to go to med school this fall like she planned.)

There’s a huge thread over at Television Without Pity, if you’re starving for discussion. I think it’s in the Reality Shows category.


I’ve been meaning to post something on this show and just didn’t have the time. I really want Adrienne to win and dare I say I’m enjoying this as much as Survivor? Gah, I’m so ashamed.

Do I need a SPOILER alert to talk about parts that don’t afect the outcome? Does anybody else even care?

Anyway, I found it so amusing on last night’s show that the plus sized modeling agent, Marilyn, stated that Paris just simply doesn’t have a market for plus sized fashion. WTF?

(I meant to bold the word starving, without realizing that it’s all bold)

Actually, I started a thread on this show shortly after the first episode aired. It died very quickly, though…