Still seeing my ex-girlfriend. Interesting turn of situation.

I have met this girl 3 years ago, but at some point ( after 8 months ) we made some mistakes and we couldn’t be as we were at the start. We both were waiting for the other one to do things while we didn’t much ourselves. So we kept breaking up and making up. We always had the “flame” rekindle for the first month then we , as usual, stopped doing stuff together…were pretty boring and static.

After one episode of me not doing what she wanted ( going out on a trip that I didn’t find appealing she got very started about how she can’t do what she wants with me ). So we broke up because she wanted to go out with some guy she said she likes but doesn’t know what she likes at him.

I started having so much time for my personal stuff and I have conqured my mind in not feeling sad, hurt or anything at all but happiness… starting working out daily, go out with friends and stuff. But the trick comes here… She is seeing that guy, and we still talk as friends, very casual.

And we go out to lunch or see eachother at a coffee…and we flirt, and we kiss…and heck… talk about how we want to make love to one another. We really accepted it didn’t work out but we have such chemistry going on. It’s amazing. We talk about what people we are seeing and I cannot help to wonder if maybe time will pass by and we’ll be able to start fresh, as we once did 3 years ago.

She will go alone to see her brother in Abu Dhabi and be away from that guy. She started to say all kind of things like: “I tell this guy to not get angry at everything, stop swearing …exactly how you told me” ; " I go to these places with him and I keep wondering why we didn’t go out anymore" , and so on and so forth…

I told her when she started her thing with this guy to block me and not contact me…but she doesn’t want to. I wouldn’t want to take her back now, but after a while , like some months so we realise even more if it was a problem with compatibility or we just didn’t realised what we had , and how special it was.

For me it’s all a game now, a one that is fun, very satisfying considering the fact that guy kind-of stole her from me. That guy clearly doesn’t care about her and wants to have her in his bed ( that didn’t happen yet ). I am interested in the fact that maybe some changes in each one of us will occur and we will be ready for a relationship once again in the future.

Share your opinions! As a side-note: we are 23 years old, so we are still young and that is why this semi-immoral game is fun ( especially for me , it’s harder for her because she knows what she’s doing is somehow wrong ) :smiley:

I have no opinion on the subject.


Is this the same girl?

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I was in almost the same situation. We were toghether and then she found another guy, but we didn’t stop to communicate, then we flirted and finally we decided to give our relationships the second time. But time passed and this euphoria went away like our feelings, I realized that it was just a good time we had together. Now she is married and have a son. I have a girlfriend. Everything is good. But I can tell that it’s better to be sure that you both want to be together and if it even doesn’t lead to the happy end, will you cope with this for the second time?

So…is it your opinion that you have no opinion?

My opinion is that you seem to enjoy this situation, as seems she. The other guy can make his own choices. The situation will change when one of you three gets other priorities or other options.

So, no problem, I guess.

Ex partners makes some of the best no strings attached sex partners ever.

Sex with out obligation, you’re comfortable being naked in front of each other, you already know all the hot spots, and if your partner has been active with other people since you’ve been apart, they may surprise you with a few new moves. Which is kind of fucking hot!

Obligation, commitment, and exclusivity changes this dynamic significantly. Don’t delude yourself into thinking what you have now with this woman bares any semblance of what you will have should you all decide to be a couple again.

She’s still gonna want to go on those trips you have no interest in.

Why are you telling us? Or are you just going around telling everybody?

No, not just us.

That’s my considered view.

I like that joke.

So; like, you’re 13 and she’s 10?

So you broke up with her, because of incompatibility.

Then she started seeing someone else.

She still calls you.

You find this exciting.

Doesn’t sound like she’s changed…did you?