Stock my deodorant, fuckers....

I must be the only person in t he world to use a particular brand of deodorant. When I find it, I always stock up, because I never know when I’m going to find it again. They always have all 450 varieties of the @#$% deodorant/antiperspirant, but that makes my armpits itch like they were infested with the fleas from 1000 camels.

I need the deodorant, bitches, so put it back on the fucking shelves already!

Why don’t you just buy online, like a civilized person, and avoid the swearing? would be a good place to start, though there are others. Should set you right up.

Dude, deodorant sticks are like 2.50 at the drugstore (2.15 at Meijer)…at they are 2.99, so 20% higher (at the same time telling me I am saving 14%). Ok, no problem. But I have to buy 25 dollars worth in order to get free shipping. That’s 8 sticks of deodorant, and I’m just not that stinky.


You don’t see a tiny, tiny contradiction here?

How many units of deodorant does Kroger or Wal-Mart normally stock of your special brand? My experience is that there’s usually at least 8 sticks there–you don’t buy those? So when you “stock up”, you only buy one or two sticks? That doesn’t count as “stocking up” in MY book–when I “stock up” on Kirk’s Castile Soap, which only the Fairview Kroger carries, I buy everything they have in there, damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead, because you never know when they’re going to abruptly stop carrying it.

I also have a massive collection of deodorant of various brands, all Unscented, because I clip coupons, and when I see it on sale 2-for-1 somewhere, I go in there and cut a swathe through their inventory with my coupons. And don’t get my husband started on my collection of Unwaxed Dental Floss, which also was discontinued at everywhere but Kroger.

Point is, this kind of stuff doesn’t “spoil” as such, so it pays to stock up massively and stash it away in the bathroom closet. Go ahead and buy your special deodorant by the truckload online–then you won’t have to worry about finding it ever again. Plus they’ll give you free shipping.

The small extra price you pay for shopping online is recompense for not having to worry about finding your favorite brand of something. And I have to say that a price difference between $2.50 and $2.99 is not IMO that big a difference–that’s about the difference between what Wal-Mart charges and what Kroger charges for deodorant. If I were shopping at Kroger and I realized I was out of my favorite deodorant, I’d go ahead and get it there instead of making a special trip to Wal-Mart to save 49 cents.

What brand are you looking for, BTW?

And 8 x 49 cents = $4.00, or about the price of a pack of cigarettes. So you’d save four dollars by patiently skulking around Wal-Mart hoping they put out some more of your deodorant. Personally I’d just go ahead and buy it from

Arm & Hammer UltraMax deodorant.

A stick of deodorant lasts me about 6 months, because I don’t put it on with a putty knife. Yes, I buy 2 or 3 sticks at a time…that’s over a year’s worth of deodorant for me, and keeping more than a year’s worth around just seems a little silly to me. I mean, I don’t buy a pallet of toilet paper, or a gross of bars of soap. I buy 12 - 15 bars of soap at a time (they come in an economy sized package – I trust you don’t want to hear about how much toilet paper I buy) and then I don’t worry about it, but again, that’s only about a year’s worth.

I realize I might be a little whiny here, but dammit all, I can’t be the only person who wants this stuff, or they wouldn’t make it anymore.

Heh, I just found out that I can get it at walgreens…for 3.29 per stick :rolleyes

I guess having 4 years worth of deodorant won’t be too bad.

Yeah, I know. And I’ll probably do it that way. But I can still be pissed that I’m forced to, right?

Or you can feel blessed that you have an opportunity to buy things you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. Same as folks in the 1890s felt when their grocers and mercantile shops in their hometowns were screwing them to the wall. To them, the Sears Catalog represented a real improvement in their lives.

Internet shopping is a real improvement in your life, and if I were you I wouldn’t complain.

Alternatively, you can ask the store manager to add to his order for you. Generally they’ll do this if you’re buying a whole case, or a big part of a case.

Either way, to make this work you’ll need to stock up. And I mean really stock up, not buy an extra stick on a whim.

That’s why you’re not me.


Glad I’m not. You smell kinda funny and have been scratching your pits a lot…

Are you really qualified to make that call?

Well, yeah. :smiley:

But I’ve got some bad news for ya: manufacturers rarely come out with a product and then realize they’ve got an instant classic on their hands, and continue producing it for decades, unchanged. There’s some kind of planned obsolescence law that requires the personal care folks in particular (shampoo, bar soap, deodorant, etc.) to come out with New And Improved Products!! every six months or so. And inevitably, when they add something new to their product line, something old has to go, mainly because retail stores have limited shelf space and just don’t have room for the last 50 years’ worth of Procter & Gamble’s R & D.

So as someone who spends time restocking shelves at Walgreens, I’m here to tell ya that you oughta get a backup plan, for when Arm & Hammer decides to stop making Ultramax completely. If you’re allergic to most deodorants, there are other non-allergenic deodorants out there.

So maybe you should stock up on 50 years’ worth of Ultramax, because the odds are good that in a few years, it won’t be around any more, period. If you’re going through 2 sticks a year, that’s only 100 sticks. Surely you’ve got a closet in your house you can dedicate to Deodorant Storage… :smiley:

I just wanted to say that I feel the same way about Simply Lemonade. Why do they even bother to make the product if it’s never going to be in stock? It’s never in stock! I’m lucky if I can get it 1 time out of 5.


I feel your pain!! Most places I shop don’t carry my deodorant, which is Secret Platinum unscented. Same thing for my toothpaste, which is Tom’s of Maine with baking soda. Also the same for my favorite shaving cream (Skintimate CREAM not gel) and my face wash (Eucerin).

Not only that, but I cannot find one of my favorite foods anywhere - Maple Brown Sugar Cream of Wheat. It’s just GONE!

They also apparently stopped making my favorite bar soap, Oil of Olay unscented for sensitive skin.

All of the aforementioned make me really mad. Why is it that my favorite products have to be so difficult to obtain? :mad: :mad: :mad:

So buying it online is .30 * 8 = $2.40 cheaper than buying it at Walgreens! :wink:

Right next to all the sponges!! :smiley:

Don’t tell me that! :eek:

I’ve been using the same anti-perspirant since high school over 20 years ago, Mennen Speed Stick Antiperspirant Solid, Fresh Scent. Yes, the packaging has changed a few times, but it’s still the same stuff. I don’t ever intend to change, dammit! Anyway, when I buy, I usually buy in bulk (12 sticks or so).

For that matter, I’ve been wearing the same brand of running shoes for over 25 years, gray New Balance 99x. The shoe changes every 2-4 years from model number 990 to 991 to 992 to 999, then back to 990. I’ve gone through the whole cycle at least two or three times. They usually cost more than $100. (The ones in the link list for $134.99.) One pair lasts me about a year. When I need another pair, I wait for them to go on sale, then buy in bulk. About a year ago, they were discontinuing the 991s. (I was on my last pair of 4 that I’d bought back in 2002.) I bought four pairs again (for $75 each), which should take me to 2010. :slight_smile:

I just hope they don’t stop making Fresca. They only stay good for about 3-4 months, so it’s impossible to stock up for the long haul if they ever decide to discontinue the soda.

Hell, I’ve been spending the last few weeks ordering parts for a 35 year old bicycle, so I can tell you all stories. Trust me.

But every thing I’ve needed, I’ve found cheap so far on the glorious Internet, including $7.00 bike tires and an entire front wheel for $20.

This inspired me, so I went to order some of my hard-to-find toiletries online and when I saw how much shipping was, I canceled the whole order. The total order was like $70 and with shipping it would have been $117!!! Screw that, I will just go from store to store looking for my stuff, and stock up when I see it.

Our Harris Teeter has this all the time. At $2.00 no less. I buy three or four when I get groceries.

Crazyjoe, I feel your pain. Seems like when I find something I like, it gets discontinued almost as soon as I discover it. I’m with the other folks on this one. Go ahead and get 100 years worth, and you won’t have to bother with it again, nor worry that you won’t be able to find it.