Stoidela, you think the North is better than the South??

This is not a ranting, hysterical thread. No profanity here, even though this is the Pit. Really. I just wanted to address a certain thing you wrote on this thread. PunditLisa and I have responed to this remark you made, but you have since either ignored us (which I strongly suspect) or just don’t know anyone has taken offense by your comments. So, I thought I’d start a a Pit Thread (woo hoo! you’ve arrived!) so you can perhaps clarify what you meant. I thought perhaps this would attract your attention, and be less easy to ignore.

Here is the remark you made on this other thread:

Could you explain this, please? Why do you attempt to insult about HALF of the United States? What are you trying to imply? That people from the South and rural areas are not as “smart” as you? That the North is “smarter” or “better” than the South?

By the way, I am a native of Los Angeles, so this comment isn’t exactly slamming my hometown. But I just find this a pretty astonishing attitude you have here.

I didn’t read the other thread, but it seems like she is denigrating rural areas, not necessarily just the South. Gore’s support was mainly restricted to small urban islands in both the North and South. Bush’s support was widespread all over the country. A veritable sea of red (yes, even in the North!) when voter preference was broken down to the local level.

Of course, if her bias is pro-North; maybe when Stoidela realizes there are a ton of rural areas in the North, and very pro-Republican at that, her head will explode.

Funny…I’m a Gore supporter and a liberal…but this partisan crap is getting on my nerves.
Since the recount was started, just let it finish, and then get the military vote in, and then…let them BOTH SHARE the PRESIDENCY, so they’ll stop fighting!

(MY head hurts)

I’ll second this. I’ve met scarier rednecks in parts of of central PA, central Ohio and all over WV then I have anywhere in Georgia.

Share the presidency. I like that. It’d be like trading hockey cards:

“Okay, I’ll give you increased military funding if you’ll give me gun control laws.”

Then we’d really see what the priorities are!

Although I have not read the thread in question, based on the quote I will lend my hand to Stoidela here.

I don’t recall if it was on NBC or on ABC but that comment is very close to what was said on national news.

Not just the south but throughout the entire nation. Most of the metropolitan areas favor Gore and most of the rural areas and small communities favor Bush. They showed a map of Bore and Gush I mean Gore and Bush and Bush was colored in in most rural areas of the nation while Gore carried the metro areas.

I don’t think that that is a slam on anyone it just shows how we are “divided” up as a nation. More conservative people will be in more traditional areas, more rural communities while in the metro areas people have to live with more diversified people and problems. It’s seems right to me anyway. That’s not to say there aren’t liberals in rural areas or conservatives in metro areas but that is the general makeup of our nation.

But of course…after all, we won the war, didn’t we?


Uh oh. Start pilin’ the sandbags.

{goes over to the CD player and puts on Randy Newman’s Good Old Boys}

Damn, I thought someone was going to finally start the “Stoidela, your political opinions are so excellent, well-expressed, and fact-based. :rolleyes: Please, I beg you, start MORE THREADS about the election” Pit thread. But I guess no one has the patience to look up the links, and I certainly don’t want to look at them again.

And as for North vs. South - please. My small town in Massachusetts is redneck fucking central. Unfortunately no geographic region has a monopoly.

It’s interesting how some folks are “anti-provincial.”

The other day I told my SO how if you look at one of those electoral maps, the “Bush” states are basically a big, continuous block that includes the South, the West, and the Plains. On the other hand, the Northeast and the West Coast are pretty much solid Gore.

She basically responded by saying it shows how people in the Northeast and West Coast are smarter/hipper/whatever compared to folks in the more rural parts of the country.

I remember one of the few times we left the Boston-New York-Washington corridor, we were parked outside of a gun store in Maine. She was afraid to be left alone in the car! (And mind you, she has had no problem doing this on the Upper West Side of Manhattan).

The funny thing is, places like Maine have basically no crime compared to places like New York and New Jersey.

Also, on average, I suspect that people in rural areas are about the same intelligence as people in big cities. Urban areas have more geniuses, but they also have more morons, as anyone who drives on the New Jersey turnpike can attest to.

Saint Zero? Simetra? Osip? Sauron?

Southern Dopers in general?

Anybody wanna jump in here to whoop some ass?

It isn’t the southern vs northern that bothers me…it’s just the partisan politics of the whole fucking election that are starting to get to me…
Washington warned us…it’s coming to fruit!

Shouldn’t that be, “Whup” some ass? :smiley:

Stoid, what else would I expect from you, but a NON-answer! Come on! Have a backbone! Give us a real response here!

This isn’t so much about Bush/Gore, or their merits of lack of merits. This is about your implication that the stupid people (“stupid” in this case, meaning people who support that Evil Bush fellow) are in the rural and Southern parts of the country. While the smart, cool, hip people (who, of course, support your favorite fellow, Gore) are in the North and in urban areas. You are a resident of the smart, cool, hip part of the country, so you and your ilk are obviously superior to those dumb hicks in the South and in the rural areas. That’s the connection you seem to be trying to make here.

This regional snobbery is just one more lame thing you have uttered.

My dear, sainted Memaw, from the mountains of North Georgia (no, I don’t have six fingers. Nor do I play banjo, thankyouverymuch.) would probably say “whomp some ass.”


::Looking around for a good whompin’ stick::


I could write on for ages about why the North won the war of northern agression, but suffice it to say that by the time ya’ll finally found a general that could compete with our beloved Robert E Lee on the field of battle, we’d run out of things to fight with and had to surrender. If ya’ll had picked that drunkard to begin with, it would have been a lot shorter, bloodier war. Who would have won is beyond me. :smiley:

As to the rural-Bush/Metro-Gore thing. Stoidela, you don’t seem to have a grasp on politics or anything that requires comprehension beyond First Grade level. Let me put it simply: different people vote differently. Some people don’t like how Bush sucks up to corporations, but can’t stand the idea of Gore selling us out to the Chinese. So they vote Bush. Others can’t stand the idea of Bush’s traditional religious views, or his sucking up to corporations and consider Gore a more likely choice. I hate to break it to ya, but people aren’t simply “Liberal” or “Conservative”. I’ve known die hard liberals vote Republican because that canadate made better sense.

It’s not about how certain parts of the country vote, it’s about people.

Am I the only one questioning why, if they’s so smart and we’s so dumb, we were able to punch our ballots without difficulty, but for them it was like deciphering sanskrit?

Pssht. I got news for ya, nothing that happens north of White Plains, south of Liberty Island and west of Hoboken really matters.

Since the statement in question is just a case of stereotypitis, I don’t think it warrants a can of Whup-Ass.

Perhaps a simple whup upside the head will do.

Stoidela, I think you’ve made a very rude, uninformed remark. I am not a Bush supporter, and am sad that the South has now gone away from it’s traditional Democratic stance. There are many reasons for that; racial, economic, and moral traditionalists. The South has undergone a lot of change in the past few decades. I’m a wayyy liberal person, with generous social tendencies. I lived with that in Mississippi for many years. And certainly had my share of gripes with the Southern good ol’ boy system. But don’t insinuate that people are stupid because of their location. Frustrating, perhaps, but not stupid. Don’t demean yourself by playing thr Hickfest card.

Oi! Oi! I’ll have you for that! We’re not scary when you get to know us.