Stop ragging on him!!

Jeez… it seems like some dopers just can’t forget. There are so many people here I respect. but it absolutely fucks with my head why theyt just won’t let some things drop.

for Example, Silo.

People just will not let matters drop. Silo is still getting the hard shoulder treatment from posters because of his previous incarnations. My God, he pissed me off. But since his namechange (to Silo) he has came across as an intelligent young man with something positive to add to the boards. I don’t know if I missed something, but why are people still giving him shit?

Aenea’s comment in the IRL thread in IMHO is just one example of it. But theres not a week goes by that someone dosent bring it back up.

Please, please can we sort it out once and for all??

I know Evilbeth was unwilling to do this thread, but I’m sure she feels the same.

If I’m being a goddamned asshole, point it out to me.

I just feel that Silo is getting unfair treatment, and I would like to see the arguements settled.

Ummmmmmmm, DNFTPWHS?

I wish I could flame you but I cant muster up enough enthusiasm.

Honestly, if I see ONE MORE poster ‘defending’ poor put-upon Silo, I am gonna barf.

Some people are NEVER EVER gonna forget what an ass he was…and why should they have to? He made his bed - let him lie in it.

Whats next? Should we all welcome concrete back too?

As for Silo, I dont like him or dislike him. I really dont care.
What jerks my chain is people telling others to stop being mean to him.
He whined once in here about nobody replying to his threads… maybe its cuz he is boring, rather than the ‘hard shoulder treatment’.

I have to tell you though, seeing people jump to his defence makes me LESS sympathetic towards him…

Cyn… huh?

Kelli, I know he’s been an ass. But he made a promise and he’s stuck to it. I’m not askinf for everyone to love him, I would just like people to stop bringing it up.

I don’t want to appear to defend him, I’m sure he can do that for himself, but some people just will not let the matter die.

If you dont like him, fine. dont mention it. just don’t hijack a perfectly good thread to bring it up.

as for concrete, somehow I doubt that he would act normal.

Then stop bringing it up!

Its like pointing at the circus freak and then getting mad when people look.

I agree with you though - concrete couldnt behave. When compared to concrete, Silo is a friggin saint!

DNFTPWHS = Do not feed the people who hate silo ???
As to the OP. All the shit he did happened before I got here so it means nothing to me.

Silo ain’t that bad a guy.

Concrete? I’d whip his ass.

Silo, I’d have a beer and make up with.


Isn’t he the one with the big dick?

Kelli, I know you read my post. So I’m going to try my best not to come accross as a patronizing fuckhead, because, simply, I respect you.

When I said

I was talking about hijacking threads. I understand that people will continue to hold a grudge. It’s a fact of life.

I just want to say that I think Wildest Bill is a asshole.


quite right yojimbo…

I had a pit thread devoted to him a week or so ago, but that had nothing to do with his former SDMB incarnation. I did start the pit thread for what seemed to me to be an excessive amount of bragging on a certain anatomy part. And I did bring up the MM escapade, but only after he accused me of “wasting bandwidth”. I thought that to be a bit funny. And no, I don’t hate him because of the MM thing. He’s certainly not my favorite poster here, but then again I’m sure it doesn’t mean squat to him, and it shouldn’t.

Having said that, I do agree with ToF in that if he isn’t trolling around, there is no reason to hijack a thread just to rake him over the coals once again.

D’oh! Ok, makes more sense now!

(I respect you too)

It wasn’t a week ago that Silo called Aenea a cunt for basically no reason.
If a week is too long for her to hold a grudge, Twist, I don’t know what to tell you.
I don’t know what she said in the IMHO thread, I do know she has said some things that lightly mock Silo, and he went overboard and called her a cunt among other things. Whatever Man. Go ahead and defend the kid, I just want to say I can see her point of view on this matter.


This is culled from a couple of classic silo posts in mouthbreathers thread about how he brags constantly about his penis:

Might I also add that I’m sorry for the SOB that married you. You really are a pathetic cunt. Why don’t you grace us with your side of the story, btw which you have never done. YOU ARE SERIOUSLY AN ASSHOLE. We both left that dopefest friendly–all present can attest to this. Then a month later, for NO reason at all, you just do a 180 and act like a total jerk towards me. You are a confused, irrational, two-faced, inconsiderate, piece of shit. It’s meeting people like you over the Internet that gives a negative-public-bias towards meeting people over the Internet.


now aenea has stepped into this thread and I have gotten serious. I am really flaming you aenea because you are a total fucking piece of shit. You have proved this time and time again to me; and everyone here should know that you are one fucked up person! I really mean that too.

then further down he says:
Andros, that’s what aenea is, a cunt (pardon my language here). I would be happy to discuss it with you in person, and, it was appropriate.

Aenea’s flame, or whatever it was, was the lamest I’ve ever seen. Why don’t you go cry to your SO to come back and post again, he was better. I’m sorry you’re such a loser girl.

And keep talking shit because shit is what you are. I’m comfortable in taking this to higher levels.

Nice. Once a troll, ALWAYS a troll. You will never, on your best day be good enough to lick grime off the bottom of Aneas’s shoes.

Now SILO, are you gonna come back here and call her a cunt again?

Why dont you call me a cunt too?

You are a real class act :rolleyes:

I’m not going to call you a cunt. However, I will say you are overly vocal in matters in which your information is limited. Please do the SD-folk a favor and be more objective, in the future, before you hit the submit reply button.

Re: pat

I never called her a cunt for no reason.

This is the reason (for those that are clueless):

We met in person, we were friendly…
Following that, online, she has been a total asshole towards me for no reason. I don’t know what her problem is, but she’s jumped into about a dozen of my threads (over the past few months), made shitty comments, and/or rolled her eyes ( :rolleyes: ). She’s also done this type of behavior toward me on Fathom (our sister MB) and in #chat too. I can only take so many pokes before I snap. Aenea deserves what she gets, and from what I’ve seen, she is a very two-faced person (BTW, I despise those types of people). If she’s going to harass me, and spew BS, I’m going to toast her ass. I’ve had enough.

Quit talking out your ass - your breath smells like shit!

I know more than you think I do.

Now take you own advice, and do the SDMB folk a favour and drop dead.

And furthermore:

What are you gonna do big boy? Call her nasty names? OOOOH you are the coolest toughest bad ass around!

Do you hear yourself?

Suuu-uure you are gonna toast her ass you big turd. You are gonna toast her so well, that everyone will realize they were wrong about you!

I can see it now: Dopers will shun Aenea because of your wittisisms, and we will bask in your superiority…

Go ahead…hold that breath!

And who is talking out their ass here?

Isn’t it neat how Kelli quotes this segment to make her arguement: “I’m going to toast her ass. I’ve had enough.” When the full sentance was this: “If she’s going to harass me, and spew BS, I’m going to toast her ass. I’ve had enough.” The segment has a different meaning than the entire thought. Care to argue any more facticious points?

Kelli, your emotions and reactions reveal you to be a complete airhead. Take your meaningless, outbursts elsewhere. Please.

Yes, the quality of my posts cannot compare with YOURS!

Lookit me!!! I gots a wee wee!