Stop The Presses!!!! Great News!!!! I Got My SSDI!!!

After almost three years of doctor’s appointments, appeal after appeal, my sweet wife having to work to support us both and generally living like nomads, today I received official notification that the administrative law judge who heard my disability case rendered a decision which is called “fully favorable”.

He’s dated my disability back to March 13th, 2009 and I’ll be getting some retroactive pay back to then minus 5 months that SSDI keeps.

I now have to go to my local SS office and fill out paperwork at which time I’ll be told what my monthly allotment will be.

The lawyers will of course get 25% of the retrocative pay, but after that everything will be ours.

Y’all have been so good to me, and I don’t know how I’d have made it through if you hadn’t been here for me. It is always such a comfort to be able to sit here and interact with you, and D and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you did and are doing as our friends.

I am so happy also that I can once again “pay forward” all that has been done for me/us.

Thank You!!!


Yay! I mean, yay for getting disability payments that you deserve, not for being disabled. That’s a pretty long road you had to go, there.

Congratulations, Quasi. I know how rough it’s been for you and D. Perhaps with the pressure off, you’ll be better able to manage your disability.

Just to head off any trouble down the road… find out if you will owe taxes on the money you will receive, before you spend it. And congrats on actually getting it!

What fantastic news! Congrats to you both!

Congrats! The struggle is over! Glad to hear you’re not crazy, you are really Crazy :wink:

Congrats! I know this will be a great help to you.

Quasi, you don’t know me from a hole in the ground, but I’ve been following your saga for a couple of years.

You have my utmost respect and my congratulations on the court decision.

Take care mon ami.

That is very, very good news indeed. I second the recommendation to find out about the tax situation, but certainly knowing that you’ll have the income MUST be a weight off of your shoulders.

What a relief that must be- good for you! :slight_smile:

Yay!!! About damn time!

What’s with the 5 months thing, though? Sounds like a real ripoff!


Excellent news! I’m finally not ashamed to admit that I went to law school with one of the Binder kids. :smiley:

Yay, Quasi!

Congratulations, Quasi.

Two thumbs up.

Thank god for that, Quasi - we’re three years into getting my husband disability, I know what an awful slog that is. Great news!

Very happy to hear this. Man, our system is screwed up that you had to go through what you did - but ultimately, you have a happy ending. so yay!


Party at Quasi’s house! Woot!