Stop Using "Cyber" in the Names of Online Promotions

Unless you are offering me text-based sexual services, just stop it. Stop. Right now. Not one more fucking ad.

But you say in your post that you WANT fucking ads.

If you think that counts as fucking, you and I clearly have very different definitions.

Somebody’s cyber-grumpy.

Yeah, where’d this ‘Cyber Monday’ thing come from, anyways? I never heard of it before this year.

And while we’re at it, stop importing ‘Black Friday’. It wa all over the place, and there were even news articles explaining it. People: Thanksgiving was in October. Last Friday was just a normal workday for us. Deal with it.

People still do that?! It was already old hat in '95.

I don’t want to see news headlines about “cyber attacks” unless they involve actual cyborgs.

If it involves the Information Superhighway, then it ought to incorporate “Cyber-”. It’s only right and proper.

If only you’d managed to work the word “netiquette” in there, you’d have won the thread.

Nice eRant (or is it iRant?)

But then how will people know they’re getting Web 2.0?