Stories Like This Really Get My Goat

Actually, it’s this guy’s goat that was gotten.

Current Google Ads…

…How to Have an Affair
…Communication in Marriage
…You Can Stop Your Divorce
…Marriage Counseling


So, any news who attended the funeral?

And I wonder what they served at the reception … goat stew ? :slight_smile:

Right, that’ll do nicely next time someone cuts me up in traffic. :smiley:

If you marry a goat, does your health plan cover your spouse’s vet visits? What if you and the goat are the same sex; is the answer the same, or is this only civil union because of the faction that says that’s unnatural?

Also, would you consider a threesome with two goats if you’re really only attracted to sheep?

Gives a whole new meaning to cashmere sweater… :eek:

Funeral was a symbolic affair followed by a tandori goat roast…

Hmmmm…I wonder what her opinion of “sloppy seconds” is.

It was the goat’s fault. He was horny.


He’ll have to bring the kids up by himself now.

Do we finally have the identity of the Goastse man?