Storing Nuts For The Winter

This weekend will mark the third leg of my annual trifecta of putting away food for the winter. We did the set-net thing back in June and put 25 red salmon in the freezer, then acquired 50 lbs of halibut at a ridiculously low price and put that away.

This weekend, we go stalking the wily blueberry. The weather is supposed to hold, so it should be a good outing for me, the wifey and my sister. We’ll be heading up to Sheep Mountain Lodge, where the berries grow in abundance. Not being too much the purists, we’ll also be picking crowberries and any other edible yummy we find.

Four or five gallons ought to do it for the winter pancakes and muffins, I should think. We use those metal berry-picking tools, which are a vast improvement over picking by finger. After a day of picking, the sauna will be there to ease the backache and we’ll go out for a second day (I gotta get enough to give some to the guy who hooked me up with the halibut).

We plan to have a picnic lunch out in the boonies. The Honda comes with its own picnic table, and I’m bringing some bread, wine and cheese, and a fruit salad to munch on. In the event any bears decide we’re in their berry patch, I’m also bringing the 12 guage pump loaded with 00 buckshot and slugs. That way, I can shoot my sister in the leg to slow her down.

So that’s my weekend plan, if anybody cares. Even if nobody cares, it’s still my plan.

And I thought you were looking for advice. I was going to say that I found that briefs keep them warmer.

Sounds fun and smart, Chefguy, but I’m damned if I see the part about the nuts. Berries, fish, bears, but no nuts. Are they too special to mention?

This time of year where I used to live as a kid, we’d be getting ready to start hauling in pecans from the trees in the yard. Around here it’s hickory nuts and walnuts before too much longer.

When do you expect winter to start rolling in for good?

Are you guys around Palmer? Man, I’m missing Alaska bad!

Nah, we live in Los Anchorage, as the bitter, down-and-out end-of-the-roaders call our fair city. As the joke goes, we’re only about 10 miles from Alaska.

Zeldar: ‘Storing nuts’, as in ‘squirreling away some food’. It’s a metaphor, and a terribly clever one, if I may say so. Made it up myself, dontcha know…that other guy stole my idea…

Well shit.

The word “nuts” in the thread title and a last post by lieu - what could be funnier?

And then he goes with a straight line.

Dammit! Amuse me, people! :wink:

Well (huffily), I saw the obvious palm/nuts connection, but, as Zeldar said, my nuts are too special to mention

dammit, how the hell did I miss that…?