Strafing in Morrowind?

Is there a way I can strafe in Morrowind with the keyboard? I notice that there’s an option to let you strafe with the mouse, but move left/right in the options makes you turn, not strafe. It’ll drive me nuts to play an FPS without strafing, so hopefully there’s some sort of fix or option I’m missing…

I don’t have Morrowind installed, but there should be options for key binds labeled strafe left and strafe right… I thought that it defaulted to strafing rather than turning. try using WASD instead of the arrows if A and D strafe then find them in the options and switch them to the arrows. (If you are using WASD do the same with the arrows instead, I’m sure one of them defaults to strafing)

Aha, I found it. There’s a toggle button that says “X axis” and the options are “Turn” and “Strafe” - I thought this was for the mouse X axis, as it’s right next to the mouse sensitivity controls, but it’s for the keyboard. Clumsy design.

Why would you need to strafe in Morrowind? Aren’t the vast majority of weapons melee? (I have the Xbox version only.)

Since the OP has found the answer, I’ll close this one. At this point it becomes a MPSIMS or Cafe Society discussion.

samclem GQ moderator

Ya’ know what, I’ll move it instead.

I find movement in 3d when using the mouse much easier if I can strafe.

That’s true. I usually use strafing in Morrowind (or FPS’s) because I can turn more easily with the mouse anyway.

Yeah, now that I think about it, I strafe all the time when I play Morrowind (or any other FPS) on Xbox, I’m just not really conscious of it.