Straight Dope gets a shout out in popculture

This one:



It’s hard to remember we once lived in a time when breakfast cereal was such A Big Deal. :smiley:

your humble TubaDiva
The REAL Breakfast of Champions!

I think that you meant to post a different link.

Try this one.

And this.

Has Cecil taken on smarties?

I was gonna come fix this and you all fixed it for me, thanks.

That’s a British thing, right, smarties? I don’t see where Cecil has spoken to this confectionery delight. Though I do have it on good authority that Ed Zotti is a Red Vines kind of guy, for what that’s worth.

And of course, there’s that classic that Cecil has commented on:


your humble TubaDiva

I just love Cecil Adams. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

That Slug is pretty cool, too.

You suck up better than Mike Pence!

It’s a gift.

::::;batting eyelashes:::::::

My mind is picturing some teenage cartoon toucan in Toontown, sobbing into his pillow as what he thought would be his dream acting job turned into a new shade of hell as the internet tears him apart. :frowning:

That artwork deserves to be torn apart.