Straight Dope Message in web article

Perusing an article about the late TLC show Trading Spaces, I noticed a familiar looking name jump out at me. A screenshot of a post made here in 2003 by poster Brynda, aimed at Bibliocat. Here’s the link.

Just goes to show you that internet conversation never dies. Even 12 years later.

Not just a screeny, either. They link in the very next paragraph to this thread.

OMG! I’m famous! Well, internet famous, which is really the best kind. And for making a snarky remark, too!

Wow, that was a trip down memory lane. I had forgot all about those people!

Me, too! Both in the thread and in the article. When I saw the picture on the article, I looked at Paige and thought “she looks familiar” but had no clue who she was. The clip brought it all back, though.