Straight Dope Store

Not exactly related to the site, but is the Straight Dope Store no longer available? My browser won’t let me go there. I’m looking for Straight Dope/Cecil books.

34 views and no advice…Okay…Sounds like a crappy Springsteen song. Nevermind the books. lists Straight Dope books. Are those what you are looking for?


The Cecil Store has been out of action for at least a few years. When it’s been asked about in the past the admins indicated that the powers that be weren’t in any rush to get it back up and running.

It was only an hour and 26 minutes between your post, give it a bit more time, it’s Sunday afternoon. I’m sure you will get a informed answer (I don’t have one, sorry) tomorrow.

Of course the mods may just be asleep in the control room again. I just hope no one drools on the anti-spam lasers like last time, boy what a mess that was. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Chicago Reader server that housed the Straight Dope store suffered a massive failure and all was lost.

Since then the Straight Dope has changed owners at least twice and it’s been a full time job just taking care of day to day business and there has not been time or resources to try to resuscitate the store.

It was never any major source of income – or any source of income at all, actually; the cost of fulfilling orders, keeping stuff in stock, etc. far exceeded any potential profit.

There has been some talk of possibly restarting something online from a third party vendor but there’s a lot of details involved in this and the Straight Dope has a new owner and all this has yet to be sorted out.

If something gets going, we’ll certainly let you know.

I apologize for my rude manners and grouchy-ness. :frowning: Yesterday was a bad day. Thanks everyone for the info.

Who owns the Dope now?

At the bottom of this page it says:

So, my coffee cup with Slug on it and The Straight Dope is now a collectors item? Do I head straight to the Market Place?