Straight people - ever said something that you thought might make people thnk u r gy?

Laugh at my lame attempt to fit the thread title in.
Today I said to a colleague - “Shit! I missed V Graham Norton” I said it quite camply too.

Afterwards this made me wonder if it made him wonder if I was gay (I am not). Not that it would bother me, I stopped being homophobic many years ago.

What was the gayest thing you [straight people] ever said?

HAH! Jeez, I thought you were drunk.

I think there may have been something I said at one time, but it was a long time ago and I was drunk. Sorry, I have no idea what it was now.


One of my good friends from work is a lesbian. One bloke at work (oblivious to her sexual preferences) asked me why I didn’t make a play for her. When I told him it was because we fancied the same people he thought I meant that we both fancied men. It wasn’t until he overheard us talking enthusiastically about Angelina Jolie that the penny dropped that it wasn’t me that was the gay one.

I am drunk.

haven’t said anything, but have certainly done things:

when i was in high school, i was a member of our Gay Straight Alliance, as was my best friend. my best friend and i are very huggy people so, during one meeting, we were just leaning on each other with our arms linked. That particular meeting, we had GSA representatives from other schools come as a sort of powwow.

Sure enough, after the meeting was over, one of the girls asked if either of us were single. A friend let her down easy.

similarly, when the club held our Day Of Silence, it was very difficult to walk down the halls arm-in-arm with a friend (as per usual) without hearing “LESBIANS!” when youre both wearing bright red tshirts that say “NPHS GSA Day Of Silence 2003” with rainbow memorial ribbons pinned on.

Yeah, I’ve said things that might make people think I’m gay. But then, I don’t particularly care what people think.

A cousin of a friend of mine thought I was gay just because I was wearing an earring. (At least, I think I only had one on at the time.) My friend and I both had a good laugh over that.

All the time.

Just last week, I said to my girlfriend (pointing to a certain pair of jeans), if you were to wear those jeans they’d make your hips look wide.

See, saying that from a gay perspective is good fashion advice.

Coming from me just means I didn’t get any that night.

When I point to some chick and say, “I wanna tap that a**”… that’s a possible lesbian toned comment on my part, no?

Oh, god…where do I start?

I mean, half of my family thinks I’m gay. Along with all the gay friends I have. They’re CONVINCED of it. And, on the surface, I can see why. I DO fit some of the stereotypes:

  1. I own a cat
  2. I have both ears double-pierced
  3. I like showtunes
  4. I do stand-up comedy, and the occasional short film. Therefore, I have a career in “the arts.”
  5. I’m rather “flamboyant” when it comes to talking/singing. I use my hands a lot
  6. I’m 30, and never been married. With no kids
  7. I once bleached my hair blonde. Just for kicks

So, I’ll admit, the circumstantial evidence is pretty damning. However, I’ve never had anal sex, either giving OR receiving. And I’ve never given a man oral sex. And I have no desire to. However, I don’t mind if anyone else does.

I keep telling people I’m gay.

Express my love of Les Miserable? Of course from some comments I’ve heard that’s an indicator of bad taste not gayity.

Probably, but it’s not on the list of things I worry about.

I once said that I thought Leonardo Dicaprio was beautiful. In retrospect, I can understand why some people might have taken this as a “coming out” moment, but I had intended it as a purely aesthetic judgement.

When people hear I love musicals, I don’t want to have sex, and I (gasp!) have a lesbian sister, they often jump to a wrong conclusion.

Male 30-something checking in here. If people didn’t know me more closely, they might think I am gay for the following:
[li]I have a friend whom I met on the Internet. We became friends by having many things in common, but neither of us is gay. He’s a year older than I am. Last summer I helped him move from Kansas to Idaho and he now lives with me. My whole family knows we are not living together as domestic partners, but that he’s staying with me (he has his own bedroom) until he gets a place of his own in the area.[/li][li]I love cats and have two cats of my own. My roommate/friend has a cat of his own.[/li][li]Neither my roommate/friend or I have girlfriends. Neither of us has ever been married nor had kids. We both gave up on dating.[/li][li]I have a greater appreciation for the arts than most other guys.[/li][/ul]
I also don’t do a lot of “guy” things, such as:
[li]Sports. I don’t care for sports and I especially hate football.[/li][li]Drinking beer.[/li][li]Driving a big pickup truck.[/li][li]Building things with wood or other materials. I’ve hardly ever used any power tools in my life.[/li][li]Going hunting or fishing.[/li][/ul]
But in spite of all these things about me in which people might be led to believe otherwise, I am not gay.

You left off receiving oral sex from a guy. :o :wink:

Most people in my HS thought I was gay. I went to a rather small Catholic HS in OKC. There were no openly gay people at the school.

I’m not sure what I did or said to make so many people believe that I was gay. Being that I was in HS I wanted to have sex with about 99.99% of the women there. (yes that includes some of the nuns!)

Probably it was the fact that I was
A) in band
B) not in any sport
C) did not have a car that could ‘lay a scratch’
D) well there was this day…

10th grade english, we are reading Huck Finn. The first day of class the teacher went into a long speach and without actually using the word she forbade us to use a word that is found in the text of Huck Finn. The word was, of course, ‘nogger’. It was a rather humours speech becuase she never used the word in it.

Any way, (this in 1980) one day were are just waiting for the bell and the class is discussing Elton John and the teacher said something like ‘That little faggot can sing.’ (really!) So I launched into a little tirade about how it was inappropirate for her to use a word faggot and ban nigger. I guess defending gays, makes you gay.

My husband loves bears, and in college occasionally wore a Native American-style bear totem necklace. He is also tall, broad-shouldered, has a little extra weight on him, and so can fit into the “bear” stereotype of certain gay men. One of the guys in one of his college classes asked him out; his response was merely to apologize and say that he was seeing someone.

During my sophomore year of college, I was living in a coed (by floor) dorm. I spent nearly all of my time hanging out with guy friends in the common area or in their wing - apparently this was enough for some women to start the rumor that I was a lesbian. Er, right - I was getting into a relationship with one of my guy friends, if they’d bothered to look any closer they’d have noticed that.

“Would you like me to push in your stool?”

Of course, I said it to a woman as we were being seated at the bar while out on a date, but taken in a different context…

A few times in college I heard that people thought I was gay because (1) I had a very short haircut, (2) I never had a boyfriend, and (3) I was somewhat abrasive when talking to guys (psycho defense mechanism and not dislike of men).

A few years ago a (single) friend and I had a joint rummage sale at her house. Several times over the course of the day I heard her refer to me when talking to people as “my girlfriend.” Later in the day I told her (with some amusement) that she might have been giving people the wrong idea, especially since we were both known to be friends with some REAL lesbians. We both thought it was pretty funny.