Strange little thing Otto cued me to on the IMDB actors.

In this thread **Otto ** noticed Fred Astair is the first person entered in the IMDB names table. Here are the first 25. It is an interesting list with a few surprises. Belushi, Delerue & Goldsmith seem a little out of place with the other 22 legends. This invites conjecture and a small game. The game is below. Fred Astaire Lauren Bacall Brigitte Bardot John Belushi :smiley: Ingmar Bergman Ingrid Bergman Humphrey Bogart Marlon Brando Richard Burton James Cagney Gary Cooper Bette Davis Doris Day Olivia de Havilland James Dean Georges Delerue (I never heard of him?) Marlene Dietrich Kirk Douglas Federico Fellini Henry Fonda Joan Fontaine Clark Gable Judy Garland John Gielgud Jerry Goldsmith (scored Star Trek Movies of course and much else)

Find the name that matches your SDMB username number.

I am user 53243 which matches the unknown: Jim Barbarino.
Ed Zotti matches to Ingrid Bergman
**Who is your match? **


I didn’t get anyone good. :confused:

where do you get your number?

Olivia Hughes

Never heard of her.

Funny that the first two responses have the same last name though.

Hmm I think I did that wrong. I did the post # instead of member #. Eh, like that’s any better.

Actually your user # is 546. That is Matthew Modine,

Pretty good.

percussion, I clikc on your username and choose View Public Profile and find in the address bar you are userid=16111. When I unch that into the IMDB link I generate You get someone boring like mine, Raja Ahmad Alauddin.


I got John W. Adams. Who the heck is he?

By Og that stunk, too many typos. Now corrected.

I get Helge Andersson, who by a strange coinkidink is Swedish like me.

My number is the same as Martine Badgley who made one film, Dancing on the Moon.

Mine’s pretty obscure too.

I got Adrien Brody. Do I get to kiss Halle Berry?

Optionally you could find your movie: Mine is a forgettable Three Stooges film: or Sappy Bullfighters (1959)
It is notable only for being their final short.

Any wags on how they assigned actors to there numbers? It obviously was not a completely random entry.

Gadarene, nice one!

Bor-ring! Ram Avron. One entry. Never heard of him.

Ah! But my movie is…Boniface somnambule? Son of a bitch.

Oh, I didn’t know we could do movies. Here’s mine: Muß man sich gleich scheiden lassen?

Hm. I got Martina Alberti, who appears to have been a porn actress in one movie.

My film is a lost German film from 1919 called The Blue Boy or *Emerald in Death. My actor is Senor Acuaviva, who starred in only one film in 1929.

Damn you Daniel Alegi!

My movie kicks all kinds of ass. [url=[Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend. Sweet ass.